Zenith Bank Transfer Code 966

Transfer money from your phone easily with the zenith bank transfer code *966# and save yourself the stress of standing in the queue inside Zenith bank before you can get attended to.

Zenith Bank Ussd Code

Zenith mobile banking Ussd transfer code *966# has helped in so many ways to make mobile banking quick and easier from airtime recharge through bank, paying bills through bank, data recharge, airtime recharge to other people, transfer of money from Zenith Bank to any bank in Nigeria and so much more.

All zenith bank user’s can now transfer money from zenith bank to zenith bank or transfer money from zenith bank to other banks in Nigeria with *966# and proceed with the screen prompts.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code *966#

To transfer money from your zenith bank account to any other bank in Nigeria dial *966*transfer amount*account number# (eg: *966*5000*1234567892#

1. Select customer bank and re-confirm the bank transfer details

2. Input your zenith bank transfer pin and send

Once the transfer transactions is successful, you will receive a debit alert message confirming your transfer transactions has been successfully completed.

Note: you can do more than just transfer with zenith bank ussd code and procedures are shown below:

How To Recharge Airtime With Zenith Bank Ussd Code

To Top Up or recharge your family and friends from your zenith bank account balance make use of the zenith bank airtime code *966*airtime amount*mobile number#

Eg: *966*1000*08084992866# then you dial your Zenith Bank PIN code for mobile transactions

How To Pay Bills Using Zenith Bank Ussd Code

To pay your bills either your cable TV, Nepa bills, school Bill etc.

From your registered mobile phone linked with zenith bank dial *966*amount*customer ID# and proceed with the prompt option on your screen.

• To pay other Zenith Billers, simply dial; *966*6*Biller code*Amount# on your registered mobile phone number linked with zenith bank and follow the on-screen prompts.

How To Check Your Zenith Bank Account Balance With Code

From your registered sim linked with your zenith bank account dial *966*00# then select 1 and send.

You will receive a message containing your zenith bank account balance number.

Zenith Bank Code For Loan

The zenith bank loan ussd code *966*11# allows you to apply for a quick cash loan through Zenith without any hassle.

If you are looking for money to go on a vacation trip, buy your dream car or maybe have an idea that requires huge amount of money, Zenith Bank Loan grants access to Quick Cash Payday Loan for banking and non-bankimg zenith bank user’s.

With zenith bank loan code, You can apply and get Instant access to zenith bank loans when you dial *966#, select options for “loans” and proceed with the next steps.

I have also written a great article on Zenith Bank Code For Loans In Nigeria, their requirements and how to apply without any hassle

Wrapping Up On Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Zenith Bank Transfer Code
How to transfer money with zenith bank transfer code *966#

Whenever you want to transfer money with zenith bank transfer code *966#, Buy airtime, Transfer airtime, Pay bills etc..

Once you perform a transaction with your zenith bank ussd code *966# you will always receive a message alert immediately after the transaction appears successful.

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