Wonga Loans – Up To R300,000 Loan

Are you in need of a short term or long term loans in South Africa? Wonga Loans is there to give you a Lending help that can solve your financial needs.

About Wonga Loans?

According to Wikipedia Wonga.com , also known as Wonga, is a former British payday loan firm that was founded in 2006.

The company focused on offering short-term, high-cost loans to customers via online applications, and began processing its first loans in 2007.

The firm operated across several countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and South Africa; it also operated in Canada until 2016 and in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands through the German payments business, BillPay between 2013 to 2017.

How Wonga Loans Work?

Wonga Loans works just like other credit facility in South Africa and is hassle and stress free loan application.

With so many different offers from a variety of lenders, it’s important to understand what sets them apart; some lenders charge additional fees for payment insurance and some charge fees for late payments..

With Wonga Loans, you see the full cost of your loan upfront before you apply.

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Choosing A Loan Provider From Wonga

To kick off your loan search with Wonga Loans, you need to know:

• The amount you wish to borrow

• The length of time or number of instalments over which you need to repay your loan

• Everyone wants a certain level of service, convenience, and affordability when picking a loan – and when selecting one, you’ll need to note any restrictions that might affect your application (such as restrictive loan periods, hidden fees, or even payment penalties).

How To Compare Loans On Short Term And Installment Wonga Loans?

There are many options when it comes to taking out a loan in South Africa.

Some lenders offer different loan amounts, different repayment terms, and many will charge different fees and interest depending on the kind of loan that you take out.

When choosing a loan from Wonga Loans provider’s, it is important to understand what kind of loan will serve your needs best.

Short-term loans usually offer smaller amounts of cash, which is repaid over just a few days.

Instalment loans can offer a wider repayment range, where a borrower can choose to repay their loan over a set number of scheduled payments.

Ways To Borrow From Wonga Loans?

When taking out a loan, you will have a number of different options to choose from, this can be the online or offline loans application.

Some lenders on Wonga Loans might ask you to visit a branch or might even ask why you need a loan in the first place.

Wonga Online loans’ are available from a number of lenders – where you can apply online from the comfort of your smart device; usually from any time of day.

If you need help to choose, consider reading up about the advantages of online loans.

Wonga Loans Requirements?

Wonga Loans
Online Wonga Loans Application

Here’s a few requirements that Wonga will need from you before processing your loans application:

• A valid cellphone number

• Valid South Africa ID card for verification

• Bank account details

• 3 months income report payslips from your bank.

How To Apply For Wonga Loans?

Here’s a quick guide to apply for Wonga online loan through their website.

1. Choose the loan amount that you need from Wonga loans

2. Choose how long that you will need to repay your borrowed amount

3. Click on “Apply Now” and proceed to finalize the loan amount you needed.

Why Choose Wonga Loans?

At Wonga, flexibility and transparency of their products are at their core.

• Providing a responsible solution for life’s unexpected surprises, Wonga differ from their competitors by putting you in control of your loans.

• There are no hidden fees with a Wonga loan. They fully understand that life can get in the way sometimes too, and that is why Wonga offer a three-day grace period to give you some breathing space.

•  Wonga loans start from as little as R500. If you need R4000 for a few days or a few months, Wonga can tailor their loan to suit your needs.

If you think Wonga might be the right lender for you, take a look at their short-term loans – they offer flexible loan terms from 4 days up to 45 days for new customers and up to 6 months for existing customers.


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