Utunzi Loan Application 2022

Try out and download the utunzi loan application to access a quick loan anytime and anywhere without any hassle or collateral.

Utunzi Loan Application Review

Getting a loan in Kenya has become a very hard thing to do but it’s possible to initiate mobile loans through your dedicated Utunzi mobile loan app and get decision instant.

This utunzi loan app enables you to access Mpesa finance anytime, anywhere in Kenya. No paperwork is required. Utunzi offer low interest loans within 3 minutes of application..

How Utunzi Loan App Works?

It’s a mobile loan app and is available for Quick download on Google playstore which you can download, register, apply and get Instant feedback in minutes.

The Quick Utunzi Loan offers:

1. Loan Amount: Ksh 500 ~ 1,000,000

2. Minimum Repayment Period: 91 days,

3. Maximum Repayment Period:36 months

4. APR: 12%. Interest 12%.

5. Account Management Fee: Ksh 400 payable annually.

How Utunzi Loan App Decide If You Qualify

Utunzi Loan application Assistance uses your answers to the loan application questionnaire as one component of determining your credit worthiness and debt capacity.

Please answer the questionnaire correctly and truthfully. Unemployment or level of education will not prevent you from getting a loan but providing inaccurate information might.

Utunzi Loan Approval / Rejection of your Loan decisions are based on many pieces of information, including income, social media activity, repayment of other loans, M-pesa usage and 10,000 data points.

Users provide this information by filling out the utunzi in-app survey from which their software builds a personal credit file using complex algorithms.

This allows them to provide loans more quickly and to more people in real time than traditional banks.

How Much Can You Borrow With Utunzi Loan App?

Your borrowing ability depends on your credit score but initially you can borrow as little as 500/= to as much as 50000/= , to qualify for higher loans you need to have a high credit score which is achieved by repaying loans on time.

There are other loans in Kenya that provides such loan amount without collateral eg: Timiza Loan App, Kcb M-pesa Loan, Senti Loan App,, Saida Loan App Download etc.

How To Apply For Loan With Utunzi Loan App

Utunzi Loan Application
Utunzi Loan Application Download

You can visit the utunzi website to download their loan app or visit Google playstore and search for “Utunzi Loan App” and click on install.

After successfully download of the utunzi loan application then create an account with them and let them run a credit check on your account to know if you qualify.

After that select the amount you needed and apply, check for loan repayment plan and interest rate if it correspond with your term then submit.

After reviewing your utunzi loan application, If it meets all their loan requirements then it will be approved but if not the issue will be made known to you.

How To Repay Your Utunzi Loan Application

The loan is to be repaid within 21 days since taking the loan or according to the agreement to which you took the loan.

Why Utunzi Loan App?

Here are some of the few reasons I recommend the utunzi loan application and why you should borrow money from the app if you are a Kenyan.

• The utunzi loan app is very efficiency

• Timely customer care support

• The utunzi loan app is 100% transparency

• The utunzi loan application is hassle free and very much understandable.

Utunzi Loan App Contacts

Do you have any questions or personal issues applying for a loan from the utunzi loan app then you can send them a mail through admin@utunziventures.co.ke

You can also call then on their mobile number +254720686009.

The Utunzi Loan Application is a quick, collateral and hassle free loan app in Kenya that you can download and apply for cash loan and recieve money straight to your M-pesa account.

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