Ussd Code For Loans In Nigeria 2022

Do you want to borrow money online ? these Ussd Code For Loans in Nigeria can guarantee that in seconds. I have done my research and written it down here on some of the quick cash loan Ussd Code you can use to borrow money from in Nigeria.

Ussd Code For Loans In Nigeria

There are many platforms and credit facilities in Nigeria that you can access their loans through Ussd loan codes most especially top bank loans in Nigeria that you can request and get a loan of upto N5 million naira without paperwork, collateral or guarantor.

How Ussd Loan Codes In Nigeria Works?

You don’t need to visit a bank loan officer or any loan head office and start taking out a loan application form to fill in before you can get a loan.

Once you found a Loan facility/ platform that can be applied through Ussd loan code or short code, simply dial it from your registered sim linked with your bank account to apply.

Requirements Needed For Applying Through Loan Ussd Code In Nigeria

Just like applying for the Ussd loan are easy, so are the requirements needed for applying them:

1. Your Full Name

2. Your BVN ( Bank verification number )

3. Bank Account Number And Details

And Other information required by the loan provider then apply.

How To Apply For Loans Through Ussd Code

Here is a simple step by step guide that you can use and apply for loans in Nigeria through Ussd codes:

1. Know the loan provider that you are applying for,

2. Use the Ussd loan code needed to apply for the loans,

3. Meet all the requirements needed and make sure that you have a good credit record

4. Dial the Ussd loan code from your registered line linked with your bank account

5. Follow the prompts options on your screen and fill in the loan amount needed

6. Submit your bank account details and get cash disbursed straight into your account in few minutes.

Ussd Code For Loans In Nigeria To Apply

Used Codes For Loans In Nigeria
Ussd Codes For Loans In Nigeria

1. Bank Ussd Code For Loans

Banks are top financial money lending platforms in Nigeria which makes it possible for every bank offering loans in Nigeria to have a Ussd Code used in applying for their loans.

We have a category on articles about bank loan codes and how to apply from bank through ussd loan codes but here’s a list of some bank loan Ussd Code in Nigeria:

First Bank Loan Code *894*11#

√ Ab microfinance bank loan *389*755#

Access bank loan code *901*11#

Uba Loan Code *919*28#

√ Alat Loan by Wema bank *945*100#

Zenith Bank Loan Code *966#

Ecobank Loan Code *326#

Union Bank Loan Code *826#

GTB soft loan *737*51*51#

Fidelity Bank Loan Code *770#

Sterling bank loan code *822#

There are other bank loan Ussd codes that are not listed here that you can apply for, feel free to drop a bank you wish to know their Ussd in the comments section and we will add it up to the list.

2. Online Loan Ussd Code In Nigeria

Over 100+ loans apps and websites in Nigeria that offers instant quick cash loan through Ussd codes some of them are listed below:

Vodafone Loan Number

√ Migo Loan Code *561#

MTN Quick Cash Loan *606#

Quickteller Loan *322#

√ Fairmoney Loan *322*6#

√ Carbon Loan Code *1303#

√ Airtel quick cash loan *561#

√ Aledin Nano *903#

Glo loan code *322*1*04225701*Amount#

√ Trader moni Ussd Code *540#

√ Interswitch Loan Code *322#

√ Paga loan code *242#

√ Etisalat loan code *561#

√ Payattitude loan code *569#

√ Verve Ecash loan code *322*60#

Ussd Loans Interest Rates

The loan interest rates offered by these loan vendor’s differs depending on the amount that you apply for and repayment period.

Their interest rates goes from 4% – 10© interest rate and anyone can apply without any hassle.

Why Borrow Money Through Ussd Loan Codes

The benefits of using any loan short code or loan Ussd codes to borrow money online is immense. If you are looking for a quick cash loans that can be gotten in less than 24hrs of applying them try out any of these Ussd codes for loans in Nigeria as they give Instant access to credit.

Conclusion On These Ussd Codes For Loans In Nigeria

Instead of you standing in the queue for hours before a loan officer could attend to you and give you a loan application form to apply for, why don’t you make use of the loan Ussd codes listed above and apply.

It saves you the stress, time and the process of getting a loan via Ussd Code is easy likewise their requirements.


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