Union Bank Transfer Code 826

Making a transfer with Union Bank Transfer Code is now quick, easy and hassle free as you can complete a successful bank transfer transactions in less than 5 mimutes.

Union Bank Ussd Code

With Union bank Ussd code *826# you can Recharge your phone, buy airtime for yourself and friends, pay bills, check your account balance, transfer money to other banks, buy airtime for others, transfer money to union bank accounts and non union banks, and make easy cardless withdrawals with Union Bank ussd code.

Union Bank Transfer Code *826#

Unlike every other mobile banking ussd code in Nigeria, *826# is the short Ussd to transfer money on Union Bank, buying of airtime, making any online payment or checking your account details with Union Bank Of Nigeria (UBN).

With Union bank Ussd Code, getting some mobile banking transactions become successful gets faster and smarter via *826#.

You can transfer money from your union bank account to another union bank with *826#

You can recharge your line / recharge airtime to family and friends with *826#

Pay bills : Nepa bills, Cable tv, Dstv subscription etc with *826#

How To Transfer Money With Union Bank Transfer Code

Quickly dial *826*transfer amount*account number*your union bank transfer pin# from your linked number with the bank.

Eg: *826*5000*3109058369*7527#
Once your transfer is successful, you will receive a debit alert confirming your money transfer to the receiver.

There are also other useful transactions that you can do with the Union bank code:

• To transfer money from your union bank to union bank accounts dial *826*1*transfer amount*account number#

• To transfer money from your union bank account to another banks dial *826*2*transfer amount*account number#

Other Useful Union Bank Code For Mobile Transactions

Union Bank Transfer Code
How To Transfer Money With Union Bank

With these Union Ussd Code, you don’t need to visit your bank to check your account balance, check your account number, transfer money or pay bills etc.

Union Bank Balance Code

To check your union bank account balance from your phone dial *826*4# within minutes you will receive a text message containing your account balance.

Union Bank Recharge Code

You can recharge airtime for yourself when you dial *826*airtime amount#

You can also recharge airtime for your family and friends with Union bank recharge code when you dial *826*recharge amount*phone number#

Union Bank Loan Code

Apply for a quick Union bank loan online and stand a chance to borrow up to 15 million naira cash without any hassle.

We have reviewed on our article about Union bank quick ussd loan code *826# and how you can apply for their Loans In Nigeria

Union Bank Cashless Withdrawals

You can make cashless withdrawals via any branch, pay bills from your union bank account when you dial *826*7*amount#

Bank Charge For Money Transfer On Union Bank

The charge for fund and money transfer from Union bank to other banks is ₦52.50 per successful transfer transaction. It is free to other Union Bank of Nigeria accounts.

Union Bank Transfer Limits

Just to help you keep track of your spending or transfer, there is a daily cumulative amount of ₦200,000 transfer limit for each union bank account.

Union Bank Transfer Limit Increase

Dial *826*8# to increase your mobile banking transfer limit from Union bank to any other bank in Nigeria.

How To Activate The Union Bank Transfer Code

From your registered line linked with your union bank account dial *826# to activate your mobile transfer by entering your Union Bank account number and follow the prompt option on your screen.

These Union Bank Ussd Code makes banking quick, easy and also saves you the stress of standing in the long queue for hours inside bank before you can get assistance.

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