Union Bank Loan Code – Borrow Upto 5M With *826#

You can now borrow money with Union Bank Loan Code *826# which Offers Instant loan access of Upto 15milliom naira conveniently without any paperwork or collateral.

Union Bank Loan

Union Bank now Offers wide range of loans to individuals who wish to turn their dreams into reality.

Union Bank Loan
Union Bank Loan Code

From salary earners to entrepreneur and pensioner’s, offering online loans to banking and non banking customers which they can apply for and get Instant loan access of Upto N15,000,000 without any hassle.

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How Does The Union Bank Loan Works?

Before submitting your loan application to Union Bank, you have to make sure that you are an existing customer with the bank but if you are not, then you can proceed by creating a Union Bank online account which after confirmation of your loan application the loan amount will be disbursed straight into your Union Bank account.

Requirements Needed To Apply For Union Bank Loan

There are some certain requirements needed before you can apply for union bank loan which is necessary:

1. You must have an account with Union Bank

2. You must be a salary earner who earns at least N18,000 monthly

3. A pensioner recieving a minimum of N10,000 monthly

4. A business owner

5. A valid ID card.

6. Letter of undertaking form employer.

Code To Borrow Money From Union Bank

You can apply and get Instant access with Union bank loan code *826# or access Union payday loan via Ussd when you dial*826*41# to get started.

How To Apply For Union Bank Loan

There are three ways that you can apply and get access to the union bank loan which is:

1. Apply Through Union Bank Loan Code *826# then follow the screen options.

2. Apply from Union MobilApp or Union Online Loan.

3. Apply from Union Bank ATM.

For further inquiries you can visit any of the union bank branch near you.

Union Bank Loans To Apply.

Wide range of loans that you can borrow money from with Union Bank Loan and here’s the best:

1. Union Bank Personal Loan

Are you a salary earner and you need urgent cash to settle some of your personal needs, you can get a loan of Upto N15 million naira with your salary account and pay back over 5 year’s.

Features Needed:

√ Minimum monthly salary- #15,000

√ Maximum loan amount – #15,000,000

√ Minimum loan tenor – 60 months.

2. Union Salary Advance Loan

If you need a quick cash before the next day, you can access upto 50% of your salary as an overdraft for a 12 months period at a competitive rates.

Features Needed:

√ Monthly salary of N15,000

√ Minimum loan amount is 50% of your net month salary.

√ loan tenor is 12 months

√ Salary domiciliation is 1 months.

3. Union Student Loan

With the union school finance loan which can help you get back to school to pay for your children or ward tution.

Features Needed:

√ Loan amount is N15,000

√ Loan Tenor is 3months for termly fee payment and 12 months for session fee.

√ Salary domiciliation is 1 month

4. Senior Citizen Loan

Are you a retired? Sit back and let your pension work for you as you can get a loan of Upto N10 million to finance that personal project that you have been dreaming of and repay over a period of 5 year’s

Features Needed:

√ Minimum monthly pension is N10,000,000

√ Loan amount is N10,000,000

√ Loan tenor is 60 months

√ Pension domiciliation is 1 month.

5. Union Bank Flexi Loan

Do you earn at least N30 million per annum? Then with Union flexi loan, you can borrow upto N50 million to meet your financial needs.

Features Needed:

√ Minimum annual salary – N30 million

√ Loan amount accessible is N50 million

√ Loan repayment tenor is 60 months

√ Salary domiciliation period with Union bank is 1 month.

6. Union Payday Loan

Get Upto 50% of your net monthly salary and pay back with no stress, hassle or collateral. Also apply through Ussd Code *826*41#

Features Needed:

√ Monthly salary needed is N15,000

√ Maximum loan amount is N100,000

√ Loan tenor repayment is 30 day’s

√ Salary domiciliation is 3 months

√ Loan limit is 50% of your monthly salary.

7. Union Bank Self Employed Loans

Are you a business owner or self employed professional in need of financial support for your business or organizations. With Union bank loan, you can scale up your small scale business or activity.

Features Needed:

√ Minimum cash flow is N15,000

√ Average Turnover N15,000

√ Maximum loan amount is N1 million

√ Loan tenor repayment is 6 months

√ Relationship age with Union Bank needed is 12 months.

8. Self Employed Revolving Overdraft Loan

You can access Upto N5 million to facilitate your day to day activities of your large scale business in any of these locations:

• Lagos, Kano, anambra, oyo, Jos, Edo, FCT, kaduna.

Features Needed:

√ Net turnover of N10,000 per month

√ Credit Turnover N50,000 per month

√ Loan tenor is 60 months

√ maximum loan amount is N5 million

√ Clean upcycle every 60 days.

9. Union Cashed Back Loan

Get a loan for your personal or business needs fully backed by your investments

Features Needed:

√ Maximum loan amount is 80% of your investment amount.

√ 15% interest rates

√ Loan tenor is 12 months.

Customer Eligibility:

1. Customers with target saving product eg: Unionkorrect, Unionflex etc.Fill in your Union cashback loan form

2. Customers with investment’s.

Union Bank Loan Interest Rates

This solely depends on the loan package that you are applying for, Union bank offers varieties of loans with an affordable Interest rates starting from 3% – 15% and repayment tenor of upto 5years.

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