Unifi Loans – UpTo R8000

Does unifi loans offer a quick pre – approved loan application ? We created this article about unifi loans and how you can qualify for unifi credit and apply in minutes.

Unifi Loans, Who They Are?

Unifi loans is a credit facility in South Africa & Zambia that offers fast, simple personal loans to formally employed people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Their loans can be accessed through any of their branches in Zambia and Uganda, and online in South Africa.

Zambian clients can also apply for a quick Unifi loans via their USSD, app or at Pep stores nationwide.

How Unifi Loans Work?

1. Sign Up For Unifi Loans

With Unifi credit, everything happens online: Simply sign up and complete their quick, 5-minute online application.

Unifi loans will give you an answer immediately and if you qualify, they will send cash straight to your bank account on the same day.

2. Proof Of Income

After filling in your application you can either upload your proof of income directly, or through TruID – a trusted, secure platform that safely sends Unifi your proof of income on your behalf.

Why Choose Unifi Loans?

They offer quick unifi credit that makes life easy when there’s an emergency, rather than add to the stress.

Unifi products are transparent, quick and credible that is easy to get and to understand.

Below are some of the features of Unifi credit loans:

Same-day approval on Unifi

• Apply online, anytime

• Get a R2000–R8000 unifi loan on the same day•

• Cash sent straight to your account

• No meetings, no papers, no queues

How To Apply For Unifi Loans?

Inside the Unifi loans webpage, you can apply from R2000 – R8000 with a validity period of 1months,  2months and 6months.

• To Apply, visit their webpage,

• Choose your preferred loan amount

• Select repayment plan (1,2 or 3)

• Input your ID number for verification

• Then apply.

Requirements to Apply For Unifi Loans

These criteria are to be available if you want to get a loan for Unifi credit.

1. You must live and be working in South Africa

2. You must be of age at least 18yrs

3. Your Latest Payslip or a bank statements of your account

4. Have a valid ID verification

5. Have a mobile device for verification and to keep your application safe

6. Have a bank account for verification and to keep your application safe.

Unifi Loans Interest Rate?

All fees are VAT inclusive. Min APR of 104%. Max APR of 212%. Customers enjoy flexible repayment terms and can set their minimum repayment term at a period that suits them with a maximum repayment term of 6 months.

Unifi Loans Contact Number

Unifi is a NCR registered credit provider and has to follow strict guidelines as prescribed by the Regulator.

Unifi Head Office, (021) 11 00 600, Level 2 Building A, The Vineyard, 1 Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch, 7600.

You can call or email them at: (021) 11 00 600 | clientcare@za.unifi.credit.

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Unifi Loans Login

Are you already registered with Unifi credit? If yes you can quickly access the Unifi loans login page on their website, then type in your ID number you registered with Unifi loans and Login to your account.

Wrapping Up On Unifi Loans?

Unifi Loans
Unifi Loans – Unifi Credit

Unifi South Africa’s quick online loans have a superfast application process and pay out in minutes. It’s faster than the competition. In fact, it’s faster than most fast things.

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