Twisco Chocolate Drink And Price

Get your taste served with the new Twisco chocolate drink from promasidor in Nigeria.

This article is all about Twisco chocolate drink tells you everything needed to know about Twisco price in Nigeria, Twisco chocolate drink owner, Twisco tea and Twisco milk etc….

About Twisco ?

Twisco tea is a delicious chocolate drink that contains cocoa and malt. It is fortified with branded active ingredient called ENERFORT, a blend of 10 essential micronutrients.

So you can enjoy that yummy chocolate taste along with the energy to power your dreams.

Twisco Chocolate Drink Owners?

Twisco owners is a product of promasidor. Twisco provides an indulgent chocolate taste with an energy-enriched experience.

Twisco is made with locally sourced ingredients, including cocoa beans.

What Twisco Product Contains?

Twisco is made with locally sourced ingredients, including cocoa beans, and there is a size to suit all pockets: 25g sachet, 500g tin and 500g block bottom sachet.

To prepare a delicious hot or cold drink, simply pour safe drinking water into a mug and add two heaped teaspoons of Twisco, milk & stir.

Twisco is fortified with a branded active ingredient, called ENERFORT, a blend of 10 power-packed micronutrients (Vitamin B2, B6, B12, C, D3, Niacin, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron & Zinc), which are necessary for optimal energy release to power your dream.

Why Get A Twisco Chocolate Drink Tea?

1. Dissolves instantly in hot or cold milk.

2. A variety of delicious chocolate-based flavours.

3. Made from highest grade cocoa powder sourced from West Africa.

4. High cocoa content results in strong and flavourful formula.

5. Offers convenience and real affordability.

How To Buy Twisco Product?

Since Twisco Chocolate Drink product is from promasidor, that means you can get any of their products at the available provision market near you.

Visit your nearest market place and demand for Twisco tea which comes in many gram and sizes.

Twisco Price In Nigeria?

As at the time of writing this article, Twisco Price in the market for retailers is N8,200 per 1 carton while Twisco Price in Nigeria for consumer’s is N50 per satchet.

Conclusion On Twisco

Twisco Price

Twisco Chocolate Drink Tea comes in 3 sizes which is The satchet Twisco, the refill pack Twisco and tin Twisco which nourishes your body and taste.

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