Top Mobile Loan In Nigeria – Get Upto N500,000 Loan

If you can’t get a loan from banks then these mobile loans in Nigeria will surely grant you a quick access to fast loans.

Mobile Loan In Nigeria

Over 100+ mobile loan apps comes out daily on the internet but am going to list out some of the best mobile loan in Nigeria that offers up to N500,000 instant and urgent loan in Nigeria without paperwork or collateral.

Mobile Loan In Nigeria
Mobile Loan In Nigeria

You don’t need to visit the bank or bring a guarantor to get access to these mobile loans, All you need is just  a smartphone that can access the internet and a bank account where the loan amount that you applied will be disbursed.

So, if you have a smartphone and you are above the age of 18 years, precisely you live in Nigeria then stick with any of these mobile loan in Nigeria listed below.

Mobile Loan In Nigeria That Lends N500k And Above

1. Fairmoney Loan App

Fairmoney mobile loan app is a top notch in the money lending platforms that offers instant quick cash loan of up to N150k – N500k without paperwork or collateral.

Fairmoney app doesn’t end at lending money to individuals but you can also pay for cable TV, buy airtime and mobile data bundle with no transaction fees.

I highly recommend the fairmoney mobile loan in Nigeria because their loan offers starts from N1,500 – N500k with repayment period of 61days to 180 days at monthly interest rates that starts from 10% – 30%.

How To Apply For The Fairmoney Loan?

Download the fairmoney mobile loan app from playstore

√ Sign up with your phone number and create a secure pin

√ Click on apply on the loan app homepage and answer a few questions

√ You will recieve a loan offer from fairmoney then quickly select amount and period

√ Accept loan offer and enter your bank details for loan disbursement.

2. Carbon Loan App

With carbon mobile loan app in Nigeria and it’s happy customers of 1M+ in different states, you can get Instant loan, investment money, make payments and control your finances all in the carbon mobile loan app.

Carbon Loan boost of their fast, reliable and secure 24hrs loan app in Nigeria which offers loan access of Upto N1 million naira without collateral.

How To Apply For Carbon Loan:

Download the carbon loan app on playstore

√ Create your account in minutes and apply to get started

3. Aella Mobile Loan

When it comes to Quick and easy money lending apps in Nigeria without paperwork or collateral then you should give aella mobile loan app a trial as they offer instant loan of Upto 200k cash loan that is disbursed straight into your bank account once approved.

Aella Mobile loan app has much in common with the fairmoney app as you can borrow money from it, invest and make payments on the aella app.

To get started quickly download the aella mobile loan app and sign up with your correct details for verification.

4. Fast Mobile Loan App

Here’s another digital money lending app from Fidelity bank for processing micro loans in Nigeria. This mobile loan app allows for Instant disbursement of loans into bank account in minutes as well as easy repayment of loans through Flexible options without collateral or documentation required.

How To Apply For Fast Loan?

Download the Fast mobile loan app and sign up using an email and a phone number

√ Select and get Instant access to your loan offer and loans will be disbursed straight into your bank account.

5. Branch Mobile Loan App

Over 10M+ downloads recorded on playstore which makes the branch loan app one of the best mobile loan in Nigeria that offer access to loan starting from N1000 – N200,000 with a low interest rate of 1.7% to 22% with a repayment of 61 days to 180 days.

Why Branch Loan App?

√ Easy access of 24/7 with quick and easy sign up

√ No collateral or paperwork or officer needed

√ No late charges or rollover fees on loans

√ Lower fees and Flexible repayment terms on loans.

You can download the branch app, sign up and apply.

6. Quickbucks Mobile Loan App

Unlike the fast loan app, quickbucks is a bank loan app owned by Access bank which offers instant loan application for customers and non customers of access bank.

On the quickbucks app, you can select from these varieties of loans eg: Payday loan, salary loan, small ticket personal loan, device loan, vehicle loan etc.

To Apply For Quickbucks Loan Simply:

Download the quickbucks loan app, click on sign up and enter your email and BVN linked phone number

√ An otp will be sent to your number which will be used to validate the app

√ Update your profile details eg: bank account, monthly salary etc

√ Create your password and pin which will be used for authenticating all transactions

√ Proceed and submit your details.

Incase You Find it hard to choose from the best loan offers from quickbucks then read article on where I explained deep on Access bank loan and how to apply.

7. Palmcredit Loan App

Are you above the age of 18 years old? If yes then you can get loans here in Nigeria with palmcredit mobile loan app which offers access to quick cash loan of Upto N100k with a repayment duration of 91 days to 180 days and Interest rate of 4% – 22%.

There are 3 steps in getting a loan from palmcredit loan which is: Register, Get approval and Money will be disbursed straight into your account.

Download the palmcredit loan app and get started immediately.

8. Renmoney Loan App

If your goal is big or require big cash to execute then Renmoney Loan App is the best for because it offers quick cash loans of Upto N6 million with flexible repayments and competitive rates.

To get started then Download the Renmoney App and set up your profile with the required information then apply for loan.

Conclusion On These Mobile Loan In Nigeria

These mobile loan in Nigeria are the best when it comes to emergency loan app in Nigeria but requires few documents to fasten up your loan approval.

1. A Smartphone

2. An email address or phone number linked with your bank

3. BVN

4. A bank account

5. Must be above 18 years of age and also reside in Nigeria to qualify.

Once you meet all the requirements listed above then you can access and borrow money from any of the Mobile Loan In Nigeria without any hassle.


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