Sterling Bank Loan In Partnership With Specta Loan 2021- See How To Apply

Sterling bank loan was designed to help people achieve their big dreams that Needed financial support in collaboration with specta Loan.

About The Sterling Specta Loan

With the Sterling bank specta Loan in Nigeria, you can get access to Instant cash loan of upto N5 million naira in minutes straight to your bank account.

Specta Loan
Specta Sterling Bank Loan

The Sterling bank loan boost of it’s Specta Loan offer which is said to be the fastest money lending platform that offers individuals and businesses loans without collateral, paperwork or guarantor.

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Who Can Apply For Myspecta Loan?

Anyone can apply for myspecta Loan because the platform operates Nationwide and offers loan to all salary earners, entrepreneur and youth corper without considering their occupation.

How Does The Specta Loan Works?

Are you a first timer using specta loan? Here’s what you need to know about them:

√ They offer quick cash loan in 24hrs for small, medium and large scale business owners.

√ They offer varieties of loan offers on myspecta loan website which include: Myspecta personal loan, Myspecta prime loan, Myspecta credit card loan, Myspecta Nysc allawee loan..

Requirements Needed For Specta Loan

The requirements needed for specta loan differs but basically you must need these:

√ A bank account number ( Sterling bank account number is preferable)

√ You must be above the age of 21 year’s

√ A bank verification number (BVN)

√ A valid ID for identification

√ A valid email address etc…

How To Apply For Specta Loan

As a first timer, To get started with the Sterling bank loan and apply for specta loan, quickly register and create a Specta Loan account.

Fill in your correct details both name, email address, choose your account password, BVN and date of birth then register

Then select the loan package that you are going for and hit the apply button below the loan offer.

Specta Loan Offers To Apply From:

1. Specta Personal Loan:

Their personal loan can help you fill in your financial gap which covers your medical bills, do some home improvements, gives your business a boost, take a vacation trip.

With specta personal loan which offers of Upto N5 million naira loan which can be used for anything or whenever you needed money urgently at your fingerprint.

2. Specta Wedding Loan

Planning a wedding is exciting but giving your wedding the perfect ceremony is more exciting.

That’s why Specta loan introduced their wedding loan which helps individuals to finance their big day.

3. Specta Medical Loan

Myspecta medical financing is created to provide you with an easy and convenient way to pay for your medical bills.

Specta loan can assist you to make sure your health and that of your loved ones are taken care of.

They provide loans when financing these medical expenses:

√ Child birth

√ Dental Care

√ Infertility treatment

√ Surgeries

√ Cancer Care and more.

4. Specta Holiday Finance Loan

If you are looking forward to travel with your loved ones on a holiday/vacation trip then specta holiday loan is the best for you.

Their holiday loan can help ensure that you get all you deserve,see family and friends that you missed and make sure that gifts are sorted.

5. Specta Personal Project Loan

You can fast forward that your plan b with the specta personal project loan which can take your project to the next level by giving it the opportunity to maintain and expand it’s day to day operations.

6. Specta Rent Finance Loan

Sometimes rent can be a very difficult bill to pay when money is tight and sometimes the deadline can creep up on you.

You can save yourself the shame and disgrace by making use of the Specta rent loan which gives you enough cash and ensure your bill is paid, giving you the ability to pay back at your own pace.

7. Specta Payday Loan

A payday loan is a salary short term loan which gives you access to a percentage of your net monthly salary in advance.

The reason for lending out the payday to individuals is for emergencies or situations that needed urgent finance.

8. Specta Education Loan

Whether you are working toward a post graduate diploma, master degree after being in the work force for decades, a professional certification prpgramme or looking for a little help to take care of school fees for your children, specta loan can help you get it done at once.

Specta Loan Interest Rates

The specta loan interest rate fees goes for 25.5% – 28.5%, one off payment of insurance fee: 2.5%, one off management fee: 1% and 1 -12 month repayment period and 1% penelty fee.

Specta Loan App Download

The specta loan app is available on the google playstore for Android and iOS user’s which also gives you access to loans without collateral of upto N5 million naira within 5 minutes.

To Get Started:

√ Download the specta loan app

√ Create your specta Loan account

√ Complete your profile

√ Surply your bank information

√ Get credited in 5 minutes.

Sterling Bank Kia Kia Loan

Just like the specta loan, the Sterling bank loan is also in collaboration with Kiakia loan which also offers instant quick cash loan in Nigeria.

Read more about the Kiakia Loan and how to apply easily.

Sterling Bank Payday Loan Code

Just like the Access bank loan code and Ecobank Loan Code, you can also apply for a loan through the Sterling bank ussd loan code, Dial *822# to get Instant access to Sterling Specta Loan.

Conclusion On Sterling Specta Loan

Specta Sterling bank loan is one of the numerous loans in Nigeria that offers instant quick and emergency online loan in Nigeria without paperwork or collateral with thousands of happy customers.

There are also other good 24hrs loans in Nigeria that grants access to loans and has appeared to be the best money lending apps to borrow money from.

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