Part Time Jobs For Students In Canada

Top 10 part time jobs for students in Canada for students studying abroad.

Canada is currently seeing an influx of international students and this is because Canada offers a lot of benefits to international students and if you have a Canadian qualification; it is an investment for you to start a wonderful career in and outside Canada.

As an international student, you might want to take up a part-time job to help you make extra cash to meet up with some living expenses while studying in Canada.

Well, Canada doesn’t stop international students from working while they are studying as some universities even have work-study programs to help international students find jobs either on or off campus.

Working in Canada while you study is a pathway to help you get the work experience that is needed to gain permanent residence in the future and from statistics, we have seen that over 54,000 international students stay back in Canada after graduation and if you have Canadian work experience, you wouldn’t have much problem working towards getting permanent residence in Canada.

As an international student that is working in Canada, you will surely gain financial stability and discipline as you will know how to budget and safe.

Working as a student will also help you to gain a level of independence as you will be footing some bills yourself.

Well, this article is not about the reasons you should get work in Canada as a student but we are going to talk about some part-time jobs you can take up as an international student in Canada.

Best Part Time Jobs For Students In Canada

Part time jobs for students in Canada
Part Time Job’s For Students In Canada

• Barista

There are a lot of coffee shops in Canada and so you can get a part-time job to make and serve coffee in coffee shop or restaurants.

This job has flexible schedules and you get to enjoy the working environment as it has less stress and you could get up to $12 per hour aside tips and free coffee.

One thing is that you can work for a couple of coffee shops and gather up your pay at the end of the day.

• Waiting And Bartending

This is a very popular job and some students studying in Canada engage in this job and that is why we have it on our list. It is not really the best job but if you are a friendly person that knows how to get along with people, you won’t have a problem with this job.

Just like the first job we mentioned, it is also a flexible job and you will certainly gather a lot of tips aside your wage if you are a friendly and jovial person.

A bartender at a busy pub and club could make from $800 to $1000 over three nights especially in days that people go out.

• Tutor

This is another great job and as you can see, you studies could help you make extra cash. If you are good at some key subjects like math, physics, chemistry, accounting, literature etc. then you can actually take advantage of the opportunity to teach high school students or middle school students and make some cool cash.

This depends on your choice of rate and you could charge from $30 to $60 per hour and be sure that people will pay you for services as tutors are well paid in Canada.

• Uber Driver

This is a nice job and if you are of age at least 21 years old and have a car and smartphone, you could do this job and make from $20 to $25 per hour driving people to their destination.

Through Uber, you can connect to people that need a ride as a driver and this job is a very flexible job as you get to choose the hours you work an also the number of hours you work.

You could make a lot of cash and still enjoy touring round Canada and seeing some beautiful cities and buildings.

• Teachers Assistant

As a teacher’s assistant, you get to work for educators, lecturers and professors and you get paid for this. Teachers’ assistants are known to help the lecturers and professors throughout the semester.

You can apply for this job during your second year as you are expected to have taken the course you are assisting on. You could earn from $14 to $16 per hour.

• Office Assistant

You could take up a part-tie job to be an assistant in big organizations and companies and this will help you to gather the necessary experience you will need to get a job after graduation and you also get the network to help you start shaping your career in Canada.

With this job, you can start investing in your future career and you could earn around $15 per hour.

• Night Time Auditor

You could get a job as a night clerk at a hotel and this job entails taking care of paperwork, running basic bookkeeping operations and also assisting guests to the hotel.

You will need to have knowledge in computer, basic accounting and also math. You could earn up to $26 per hour and be sure it won’t disturb your studies as it is a night job.

• Cafeteria Worker

You can decide to work in the campus cafeteria and you get to enjoy free meals, flexible hours and also less stress going to class from work. You could earn from $15 to $25 per hour.

• Dog Worker

You might think this is a funny job but you could make some cool cash doing this job. All you have to do is help busy people take care of their dogs and also take it around for a little exercise every day.

You could work for multiple clients and as a dog walker, you could earn up to $16 per hour on an average although the rating depends on what you charge.

• Nanny Job

This one is majorly for the female students as you will need to help busy parents take care of their kids by picking them from school, preparing meals for them and also chilling with them till their parents get back from work.

You could earn up to $15 per hour and one sweet thing about this job is that you could get permanent residency in Canada.

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