5 Online Loans In Ghana Without Collateral

Still searching for online loans in Ghana without collateral ? These fintech companies has made money lending online easier and hassle free.

You can borrow loan of Upto 300,000 cedis in Ghana without collateral, no paperwork or guarantor Required.

5 Online Loans In Ghana Without Collateral

Do you need a quick cash online loans in Ghana without collateral to pay bills, renovate your home, buy your dream car or need extra cash to cover up for any unexpected expenses in 2022 ? We have listed the Top 5 platforms granting online loans in Ghana without collateral.

• Fido Money

Fido is a licensed money institution in Ghana, providing fast and easy short term online loans without collateral of upto 1,000 GHC without any paperwork, no guarantor and cash is disbursed in minutes straight into your account after approval.

Unlike RenmoneySpecta, And Other Loan Apps, Fido money lending app is a fast, easy and convenient Fintech Platform licensed by the bank of Ghana and trusted by millions of satisfied customers and it’s only available in Ghana.

With the Fido lending app, you can apply for a quick online loan without collateral or any paperworkl or guarantor.

• Paylater Loan In Ghana

Credit facilities like paylater ghana has been doing it’s wonders as a trusted money lending app in ghana, offering Instant online loan without collateral, guarantor or any paperwork..

Paylater is a leading digital financial service platform that specializes in consumer lending. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, paylater is a global company of over 40 employees with operations in Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom and Portugal.

The Paylater Ghana operates via mobile phones and their online loans are accessible through the Paylater Ghana App which can be downloaded from Google playstore and you can register an account with them without any hassle.

• Boaghana Loan

This is a loan scheme which provides loans to regularly salaried employees and the self employed with a monthly repayment plan to meet their personal needs.

It allows salaried workers and the self-employed to have access to funds to meet personal needs in a flexible and convenient mannerIt provides monthly repayment plans of up to a maximum of 24 months.

It also provides monthly repayment plans of up to a maximum of 24 months.

• Online Kiakia Ghana Loan

Kiakia loan is a subsidiary to the sterling bank of Nigeria and it is an online loan shark and financier that provides frank and straight forward personal loans for unemployed in Ghana at a good interest rates and the idea behind the kia kia loan is for a fast, quick and effective loan access without any paperwork, guarantor and zero collateral.

All you need to do is just to visit the Kiakia Loan website and click on the “Get A Loan” option and then a user friendly chat will open for you and you can fill in and complete your entry.

From then, you will be guided through all the necessary steps for the application.

The whole loan application process takes not more than 15 minutes, but before you acquire a loan, there are some requirements needed before you can get access to the kiakia Loan:

√ A valid ID card

√ You must be 21 year’s and above

√ An email address√

A bank account (preferably a Sterling Bank account).

√ You must also reside in Nigeria or Ghana

√ Bank verification number (BVN).

There are some great features available on Kiakia loan as it doesn’t only ends at giving out Loans for unemployed, individuals can also start investing money with Kiakia loan through their Kiakia p2p app.

KiaKia p2p app is a money lending app that allows you to fund, invest and also earn interest for doing so, their interest earns between 12% – 40% Quarterly, Bi – annual and pre – annual by investing in loan and business.

• GTBank QuickCredit Loan

GTBank QuickCredit loan is an innovative product developed to give their retail customers instant access to online cash loans in Ghana without collateral for their pressing needs.

Customers who are looking for loans for unemployed in Ghana and with salary accounts with the Bank can borrow up to 100% of their monthly salary at only 18% per annum interest rate and enjoy up to 12 months flexible repayment plan. Simply dial *737*0# to start.

How To Apply:

• Dial *737*0#

• Select option 1 (Payday Credit)

• Agree to Terms and Conditions

• Enter amount to borrow

• Enter Tenure (up to 12 months)

• Enter your PIN to confirm transaction

Your funds will be credited to your account instantly in less than 24hrs.

• Fast Microfinance Loan

Do you want to buy a new or used car? Want to renovate your home?, pay your school fees? pay rent advance?? Whatever it is, fast loan have a colourful solution to make it happen”. As we say dream it, FastTrack Microfinance Loan Ghana can finance it.

Microfinance refers to a variety of online loan without collateral in Ghana provided to low-income individuals or to those who do not have access to typical banking services by lifting them out of poverty.

Fasttrack Microfinance Ghana provides loans for unemployed individuals in Ghana with little income and with very low repayment costs to manage individual accounts.

• Skika Online Loan

Skika loan is one of the biggest money lending platforms in ghana where individuals can apply for online loans without collateral if they ever ran into in need of cash,

Why Skika Loan?

Skika Loan boost of 24/7 well capitalize internet first, forward thinking, safe, robust, resilient, smart and responsible direct money lender for working class, modern or medium and large business including startups.

Online loans in Ghana without collateral
Online Loans In Ghana Without Collateral

User’s can apply and borrow through the skika loan online and App.

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