Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan – How To Apply

Are you a farmer? Nirsal Mfb loan plc is calling all smallholder farmers, farm leaders and aggregators to partake in Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan dry season and non – seasonal commodities.

About Nirsal Loan

According to Nirsal Page, The Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL Plc.) is a US$500million Non-Bank Financial Institution wholly-owned by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) created to Redefine, Dimension, Measure, Re-Price and Share agribusiness-related credit risks in Nigeria.

Established in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and Nigerian Bankers’ Committee in 2013, NIRSAL’s mandate is to stimulate the flow of affordable finance and investments into the agricultural sector by de-risking the agriculture & agribusiness finance value chain, fixing agricultural value chains, building long-term capacity, and institutionalizing incentives for agricultural lending through its five (5) strategic pillars, namely: Risk Sharing, Insurance, Technical Assistance, Incentives and Rating.

Why Nirsal Mfb Loan?

The Nirsal Microfinance Bank mission is to forge partnerships between agriculture and finance; maximizing the potential of agriculture for food security, job creation and economic growth, transforming the economy, delivering inclusive growth and impacting lives.

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Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan Application?

Nirsal Microfinance Bank (Mfb) Loan Application can be done through their website when you visit and Click on the ” APPLY FOR LOAN

Step 1: Choose your social economic status and click on next

2. Fill in the proposed name of your AGC, state and local government area of farmland

3. Fill in your email address and telephone number

4. Select your agricultural value chain (AVC) production sector eg: crop production, poultry, livestock and agriculture etc

5. Choose your selected crop production and commodity

6. Select the number of farmers and hectares involve in your farm

7. Mention the coordinates of proposed agro Geo corporatives (AGC)

8. Verify the AGC president name and gender, AGC president date of birth and contact address, AGC president email address and telephone number, AGC president academic qualifications and work experience

9. Click yes / no if you have ever mobilized or coordinated group of farmers and played a leadership role, if you posses a knowledge of farn management, if you posses excellent report writing skills and your AGC vice president and director of Finance details

10. Then click Yes/ no if you have ever served as a treasurer before.

Once you complete all information and details needed, you can submit your Nirsal loan application form.

Requirements Needed To Apply For Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan:

• Your letter of employment

• Your Payslips

• Your staff ID card

• 6 months statement of your bank account

• Other valid means of ID for more verification

• 2 Passport photograph

• A utility bill

• A guarantor form etc…

Why Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan

Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan
Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan

NIRSAL specialises in Value Chain Fixing, Agribusiness Project Development, Finance Facilitation and Agricultural Risk Management.

1. Value Chain Fixing

This integrated and holistic approach by NIRSAL attracts finance and investments to the agribusiness allowing such funds to be well optimized while de-risking the agribusinesses in a controlled environment for sustainability.

2. Finance Facilitation

By creating sustainable agribusiness models with validated cash flows and managing and sharing project and credit related risks, NIRSAL provides guarantee to financiers and investors, boosts their confidence and eliminates barriers to the free flow of finance and investment to agriculture and agribusiness in Nigeria.

3. Agribusiness Project Development

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank demonstrates the viability and sustainability of its value chain interventions and business models through the setup of Pilot Projects as proofs of concept under effective project management teams led by experts with a view to inducing interest and attracting investment from both private and public sectors to replicate pilot projects and achieve scale.

4. Agricultural Risk Management

Effective agricultural risk management is the ultimate intended purpose of all products and services offered by NIRSAL. The institution anticipates all types of risk associated with agricultural value chains, agricultural finance and human behaviour and deploys its tools, techniques, methodologies and partnerships to prevent, minimize and share the risk.

Nirsal Loan Disclaimer

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank. NIRSAL Plc doesn’t give loans. To find out about NIRSAL Plc, kindly visit

For enquiries on MSME loans, NYIF, AGSMEIS loan and Nirsal COVID 19 loan Credit Facility, kindly contact @NirsalMFB, or 094621730

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