Nigerian Passport – 5 Thing’s You Must Know

If you are a Nigerian citizen here’s why you should get a Nigerian Passport and save yourself a lot of stress in the future.

And also you can now apply for a Nigerian passport online. The application process is simple and easy to use with online application guidelines.

Passports has many roles it plays from serving as a travel document to also a personal identification for a holder to travel to a foreign country etc…

What Is A Passport?

According to Wikipedia, A passport is an official travel document issued by a government that contains a given person’s identity.

It enables its holder travel to and from foreign countries and to access consular assistance while overseas.

The document certifies the personal identity and nationality of its holder.

Standard passports contain the full name, photograph, place and date of birth, signature, and the expiration date of the passport.

While passports are typically issued by national governments, certain subnational governments are authorized to issue passports to citizens residing within their borders.

Many nations issue (or plan to issue) biometric passports that contain an embedded microchip, making them machine-readable and difficult to counterfeit.

As of January 2019, there were over 150 jurisdictions issuing e-passports. Previously issued non-biometric machine-readable passports usually remain valid until their respective expiration dates.

A passport holder is normally entitled to enter the country that issued the passport, though some people entitled to a passport may not be full citizens with right of abode (e.g. American nationals or British nationals).

A passport does not of itself create any rights in the country being visited or obligate the issuing country in any way, such as providing consular assistance.

Some passports attest to the bearer having a status as a diplomat or other official, entitled to rights and privileges such as immunity from arrest or prosecution.

Why Get A Nigerian Passport ?

Nigerian passports are issued to Nigerian citizens to travel outside of Nigeria. Nigeria now offers only electronic passports for new passport applications.

These electronic passports, known also as the e-passport, are classified as either “Standard” or “Official”, depending on intended use.

Nigerian passports can be applied for either at the physical location of the Nigeria Immigration Services, or by making submission through its website.

Nigerians living in other countries may obtain passports through the nearest Nigerian embassy or consulate.

How To Apply For A Nigerian Passport

Nigerian Passport
Nigerian Passport

1. Visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration Portal

2. Locate and click on the appropriate application form to start the process:

3. Select a passport type “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport”, then click on ‘Start Application’ button.

4. Fill the Application form; check the ‘I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM‘ check box then click the “PRINT” Button to print filled form.

5. Click on ‘Submit Application‘ button to view ‘Applicant details page

6. Click on “Proceed to Online Payment

7. Click to select Payment CurrencyPay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” option then Click on ‘Continue’ button

8. Choose the currency you want to use for payment (Naira or US Dollars):

Note: If you selected option to pay in Naira, you will be prompted to select PayType (payment method): “Bank”, “Credit OR Debit card”,

If you intend to pay at a bank, selected “Bank” and click continue,

• View the list of participating banks and then click on ‘Continue’.

• The “Print Acknowledgment” button will help you print “Payment Acknowledgment Slip” with Transaction ID, Application ID & Reference Number.

• With the copy of your Payment acknowledgement slip, proceed to a participating bank for payment.

• On making payment at the bank, you MUST be issued with an ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt that contains a “Validation Number”.

• You will need the “Validation Number” for confirmation of payment on the portal. (For use of your Validation Number, see the section on Validation Number below).

Note: If you intend to pay through Credit/Debit card, select “Credit/Debit card” and click continue,

• You will be required to fill in your log-in credentials.

• After filling in, click “Login” button and you will be sent to the payment portal

• For proceeding with the payment click the “PAY” button.

• Payment portal display application details, click on “Continue” button.

• You will be prompted to “Value Card” payment page, provide information of your card & Click on “OK” button

• After payment, the “Validation Number” is generated. Store it and use it to confirm the payment.

• You can also print a receipt by clicking the “Print the Receipt” button.

Using Your Validation Number On The Nigerian Passport Portal Website

After payment, having obtained the “Validation Number“, proceed to the NIS portal for confirmation of payment:

1. Go to the “Query your Application Payment Status” and enter your Passport Application ID and Reference No.

2. If a “Validation Number” field appears, please enter the number from your ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt. Remember: Validation Number has been generated after payment through Bank also.

3. Click the “Search Record” button and you will be sent to the “Applicant’s Details” page where a date for your interview has been generated.

4. You can now print a Receipt or an Acknowledgement Slip by using the buttons on this page. (You will need them for your interview).

5. You will be presented with your NIS e-receipt or Acknowledgement Slip in a new window. Click on “Print” button to send a copy to the printer.

How To Make Payments For Your Nigerian Passport If You Are Outside Nigerian?

If you select a processing country other than Nigeria, your payment will be in US Dollars.

You will be re-directed to an approved payment platform to complete your application and make your payment in US Dollars.

On confirmation of payment, proceed for Interview with relevant documents. Please, note that your interview schedule, final e-receipt and acknowledgment slip are only accessible using your Validation Number.

Nigerian Passport Requirements For Standard Passport

• Local Government letter of identification.

• Birth certificate / age declaration.

• 2 recent colour passport photographs

• Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate / High  court Judge

• Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years

• Marriage certificate where applicable

• Police report incase of lost passport

• Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission.

Nigerian Official Passport Requirements

• Letter of introduction from appropriate State Government, Federal Government Ministry / Organization.

• Marriage certificate where applicable

• Police report in case of lost passport

• Letter of appointment / last promotion .

• Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission.

Seaman’s Book Requirements

• Local Government letter of identification

• Birth certificate / age declaration

• 2 recent colour passport photographs

• Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Nigerian International Passport?

For instance, the official price for a 64-page Nigerian passport with 10-year validity period is N70,000, while that with five years validity is N35,000. Applicants for the new 32-page passport with a five-year validity period are to pay N35,000.

Here are the current official prices of the Nigerian international passport fee based on the number of pages and validity period: 64-page Nigeria International Passport (10 years validity) == N70,000. 64-page Nigeria International Passport (5 years validity) == N35,000.

Is NIN Compulsory For Nigerian International Passports?

The National Identification Number (NIN) has become a vital means of identification in Nigeria for various purposes ranging from international passport renewal to opening of bank accounts, amongst others.

The Nigeria Immigration Services has made NIN compulsory as a means of identification for anyone that wants to apply for fresh or renewal of international passports in Nigeria.

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Types Of Nigerian Passport And Which One To Choose?

There are 5 different types of Nigerian Passport and each of them has it’s purpose

Standard Nigerian Passport – This passport type is for the general public

Diplomatic Nigerian Passport – This passport type is for protocol officers in government and Government ambassadors.

Official Nigerian Passport – This passport type is for Government officials.

Seamans Nigerian Passport – This Passport Type is for Sailors.

If applying for a new passport and you have never previously owned one before then you need to fill the form for a Fresh Passport Move the mouse pointer over Passports on the menu bar, and then click on Fresh Passport on the menu bar.

Choose the appropriate passport type you are applying for and click on Start Application button.

For all the passport types except pilgrims’ passport, you can have a passport renewal which is done when your current passport has expired.

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