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Bless your early morning breakfast with a nescafe coffee and enjoy the rest of your day with smile.

About Nescafe ?

According To Wikipedia, Nescafé is a brand of coffee made by Nestlé. It comes in many different forms. The name is a portmanteau of the words “Nestlé” and “café“. Nestlé first introduced their flagship coffee brand in Switzerland on 1 April 1938.

What Makes Nescafe Coffee Better ?

With Nescafe Coffee breakfast, you can start your day strong and finish strong with the rich aroma and great coffee taste of NESCAFÉ.

Nescafe coffee can improve memory, boost energy levels and increase mental alertness, as well as stimulating metabolism and improving phys…

Nescafe is grown in Cote D’Voire which is 100% soluble coffee, made from medium-dark roasted Robusta beans.

Nescafe Products

There are two great Nescafe Coffee product which has proven to be the best among all coffee:

1. Nescafe Classic Stick 32g

Nescafe Coffee
Nescafe Coffee

Nescafe Classic Stick coffee helps you start your early morning with a great strong aroma and rich stimulating coffee.

It helps start your day right with the first sips of this classic 32g. Let the intense taste of NESCAFÉ Classic awaken your mind and body to new opportunities as the rich aroma of this distinctive blend unfolds.

The original NESCAFÉ coffee with unmistakable taste you know and love.

A rich and delightful aroma made from medium-dark roasted Robusta beans which are expertly blended

Specially designed glass jar keeps your NESCAFÉ Classic tasting delicious to the last drop.

2. Nescafe 3 In 1

Nescafe Coffee
Nescafe Coffee

Start your early morning breakfast with Nescafe 3 In 1 coffee which keeps your smile intact through out the day.

NESCAFÉ 3in1 & NESCAFÉ Sweet & Creamy 3in1 coffee mix brings you the famously creamy taste and aroma of NESCAFÉ with just the right balance of creamer and sugar, ensuring you enjoy a sweet and creamy cup of coffee in an instant.

Why Nescafe 3 In 1?

• NESCAFÉ Breakfast 3in1 is a perfect taste of perfectly blended coffee, smooth, creamy and delicious.

• Conveniently single-serve sachets
Sweet and Creamy

– Delicious balance of coffee, creamer and sugar

– Comforting and intense aroma

– Enjoy just the right blend of coffee sweetness, topped with a smooth crema.

How To Make Nescafe Coffee?

• Start by taking a Tea two spoon of your desired Nescafe Coffee,

• Two tea spoon of Nescafe 3 In 1 or Nescafe Classic Stick 32g and pour into a mixing bowl,

• Add 20ml of hot water and 170ml of milk with two cubes of sugar,

• Serve with milk or coffee cream and give that special touch stir.

How To Make Dalgona Coffee

1.  Add the coffee, sugar and hot water to a mixing bowl.

2. Use a spoon or any other mixing tool and whip vigorously until you get a creamy, fluffy foam. It can take a few (4-5) minutes!

3. Use a spoon to scoop out the foam and place it on top of a glass of milk with ice cubes.

Tip: you can use any milk you like – we recommend semi-skimmed milk, but you could also try plant-based too!

Start Strong And Finish Strong With Nescafe

NESCAFÉ believes that with the right start, anything is possible. That all it takes is a stimulated mind and spirit.

A hot mug of NESCAFÉ in the morning helps sharpen your senses and open your eyes to great opportunities.

Morning after morning, cup after cup, make a NESCAFÉ coffee become part of your morning ritual. Greatness starts somewhere. Why not with you?

Whether over an early morning coffee, an afternoon late or an after-dinner espresso, we love real connections that lead to new starts, new ideas or simply great chats. Come have coffee with Nescafe.

Their signature coffee has a medium-dark roast that gives it a full flavour and wonderfully invigorating taste.

How To Make The Best Nescafe Coffee

There are so many different ways to make coffee, whether you go for complex concoctions or instant inventions, each method results in a different brew.

For many people, brewing coffee is an art form. Particularly for the professionals – the baristas.

They pride themselves on their coffee skills and can whip up foamy works of art. Want to bring out your inner barista? Here are just a few different ways to brew and make a delicious Nescafe Coffee cup:

1. Understanding Coffee

To really appreciate something fully, you’ve got to understand. Coffee can be quite complex, but it’s quite easy to get your head around the basics. Once you do, you’ll enjoy it even more.

2. Coffee Characteristics

In every cup of coffee, there are three key characteristics that create its overall flavour: aroma, acidity and body.

Aroma Coffee can have up to 1000 aromatic compounds that contribute to its profile. A coffee aroma can be: fruity, caramel, roaste…

3. Coffee Cupping

Coffee cupping is the practice of tasting coffee. At NESCAFÉ, their professional coffee cuppers make sure they are delivering consistent quality at the highest standard.

You can make drip coffee by placing fine coffee grounds on top of a coffee filter over your cup. Then slowly pour hot water over it and wait as the coffee drips through to create a smooth cup.

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Stages You Must Pass To Make A Good Coffee

1. Espresso

An espresso is a shot of concentrated coffee made by forcing steam through very finely ground coffee beans.

2. Ristretto

A ristretto is a more intense espresso. It’s made in the same way, with the same amount of coffee, but less water.

3. Americano

A latte, or caffè latte, is similar to a cappuccino, but with more milk and only about a finger width of foam on top.

4. Macchiato

A macchiato is a thick and creamy coffee, made with one shot of espresso and a small amount of frothy milk foam on top.

5. Mocha

A mocha is a sweeter, chocolatey coffee, made with espresso, hot milk and cocoa powder or chocolate syrup.

Nescafe Coffee Price

You can get your Nescafe Classic Stick 32g or Nescafe 3 In 1 coffee in any of the local provision store or super market near you which is currently sold for less than $1 per satchet.

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