Money Lending Apps In Ghana 2022

Some Money Lending Apps in Ghana can help you overcome your financial situation offering you the best loan rates without collateral from loan apps in Ghana.

Best Money Lending Apps In Ghana

We have listed some of the best money lending apps in Ghana that Offers instant 24hrs cash loans without paperwork or collateral in 2021.

Money Lending Apps In Ghana
Money Lending Apps In Ghana

These loan apps in Ghana are available for download on Google playstore and iOS, which Makes it easy for anyone to borrow money online in ghana instantly.

Apps That Lends Money In Ghana

1. Fido Money Lending App

This loan app in Ghana has made it easy that people from can Ghana can apply and get Instant loan with no need for collateral or guarantee through Fido loan app.

Fido loan is fast, easy and convenient, licensed by the bank of ghana and trusted by satisfied customers. There loan app is only available in Ghana and can easily be downloaded through playstore.

Why Fido Money Lending App?

• You can apply at your own convenient time

• Recieve a loan decision in minutes

• No hidden or extra fees, all costs are displayed in the apps

• No collateral or guarantee and money is disbursed instantly.

With the Fido loan app, user’s can borrow upto GHS 200 for your first time loan and repay back in 10 – 30 days time, and as you increase your loan amount every time you repay then you get a chance to borrow upto GHS 1,000 with an affordable Interest rates.

Requirements To Apply For Fido Loan?

1. A valid ID ( voter’s card and biometric passport)

2. A mobile phone account that is at least 2months old

3. Be a resident of ghana and must be over the age of 18 years.

How To Apply For Fido Loan?

• Download the Fido money lending app from playstore and fill in your details only once for subsequent application, confirm your details.

• You will receive an immediate loan decision,

• If your loan is approved, you will receive the money instantly into your mobile money account. Kindly note that some customers might be asked to visit any of their nearest branch if they couldn’t verify your identity.

How To Repay Your Fido Money Loan?

You can easily repay your Fido loan through your mobile money, you can also find the process to repay on the app.

2. Paylater Ghana App ( Carbon8 )

This money lending app carbon has been a top notch in history of best loan apps in Ghana, they boost of over 1M+ download on playstore with an instant credit loans, invest money and make payments all in the carbon loan app.

Why Paylater/ Carbon Loan App?

These app has many features that mede me to recommend it to my ghana readers and why they should borrow money from it:

1. You can store money in your secured wallet, no fees and you get paid monthly intrest.

2. Borrow money with the Paylater Ghana App and get funds in minutes straight to your bank account.

You can visit and download the Ghana Paylater Loan App from playstore and sign up.

3. Barclays Loan App

This is a Ghana based bank loan app that offers instant quick cash loan to all current account Holders with them, user’s who are interested can apply through their online banking or Barclays Loan app and get funded in less than 15 minutes.

How Does Barclays Loan Works?

Before you apply for Barclays loan, they will inform you about your loan rate, if they approve your application then the money will be disbursed straight to your account.

You can download their loan app from playstore and sign up with your correct details.

4. Abba Ghana Loan App

Here’s another list of money Lending Apps In Ghana which guarantee instant payday cash loan with a simple, fast and secure banking.

How To Borrow Money From Abba Loan?

Abba offers different types of loans starting from business solution loans, ordinary loan account, commercial asset Finance, enterprise and surprise chain development loan which can be applied through their online website.

Just fill in your correct details both email address, name and number then submit.

5. Orbit Money Lending

Orbit Money Lending is a loan company in Ghana that Offers personal quick individual loans for school fees, rent payment, funeral and Medical expenses.

How Does Orbit Money Lending Works?

You can apply and submit your Orbit Money Lending application form and they will contact you.

6. Skika Money Lending

Skika loan is one of the biggest money lending platforms in ghana where individuals can apply if they ever ran into in need of cash,

Why Skika Loan?

Skika Loan boost of 24/7 well capitalize internet first, forward thinking, safe, robust, resilient, smart and responsible direct money lender for working class, modern or medium and large business including startups.

User’s can apply and borrow through the skika loan online and App.


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