Best New Loan Apps In Nigeria 2022

Some Best New Loan Apps In Nigeria has surfaced on the internet offering urgent loan with low interest rate in 2021.

We have researched and written out new loan apps and best loan app in Nigeria with 100% free collateral that is available for Android and iOS user’s to download and apply for a quick emergency loan in Nigeria.

New And Best Loan Apps In Nigeria 2022

Just like the Ussd Code For Loans In Nigeria which makes it stress and hassle free for anyone to borrow money online so are these best loan app in Nigeria 2021 that has been listed here on

Requirements Needed To Apply From These Loan Apps In Nigeria

There are some certain requirements / documents that you need to provide before any of these Nigeria loan apps will process and approve your loan, some of them are:

1. A Valid ID card for verification ( National ID or Passport )

2. You must live and work here in Nigeria

3. A Bank Account

4. You must be above the age of 18 years old

5. 3 – 6 months payslips or bank statement of your account etc..

These are the major requirements needed from any loan apps in Nigeria although some requirements differs from some loan app When applying for their loans.

How To Apply For Loans Through Any Of These Loan App In Nigeria

Best Loan Apps In Nigeria
New Loan Apps In Nigeria 2021

Here is a quick step by step guide to borrow money successfully through any loan apps in Nigeria:

Step 1: Choose and Download from playstore or iOS the loan app you want to borrow money from,

Step 2: Register on the loan app and fill in your correct details

Step 3: Choose the loan amount you want to apply and check the repayment and Interest rate

Step 4: Confirm your loan and submit then allow it to be processed.

Step 5: Once your loan is approved then cash will be disbursed straight into the account number that you provided when you register.

You see it’s as easy as A,B,C to borrow and get a loan from any loan apps in Nigeria.

New And Best Loan App In Nigeria 2021

There are new loan apps surfacing the internet on a daily basis that’s why we took our time to provide a detailed list of the new loan apps in Nigeria 2021 and also the best loan apps in Nigeria 2021 that grants access to Quick cash loans of upto N500,000 without paperwork or collateral.

1. Quickcheck Loan App

Are you in need of an emergency or urgent cash loan then you don’t have to search again, no long queues, no bulky documents, no long wait times and never go broke again.

Just your phone and the Quickcheck app that is easy to use and provides instant cash loan in Nigeria.

How The Quickcheck Loan App Work’s?

1. Download The Quickcheck App

You can download the Quickcheck Loan App for free and create your profile to sign up for an account.

2. Apply For A Loan

As one of the best loan apps in Nigeria, applying for their loan is easy which is processed in less than 15 minutes if you qualify

3. Get Cash

If you qualify and your loan is approved then your cash will be disbursed straight into your bank account

2. Fairmoney Loan App

Fairmoney is one of the most trusted and best money Lending platform that I can recommend to any Nigerian to borrow money from online. They also offer Instant cash loan of Upto N500k in minutes through the Fairmoney Loan App without any hassle.

How Does The Fairmoney Loan Works?

√ If you have a smartphone, simply download the fairmoney loan app from google playstore

√ Sign up with the phone number linked with your BVN

√ Answer a few questions and confirm your identity to receive a loan offer,

√ Once you accept the loan offers, your cash will be disbursed and credited in to your account.

3. Aella Loan App

The aella loan app has been offering loans for ages and has over 500k+ download on playstore App which makes it become a top and recommended loan app in Nigeria today.

Are you a business man or individual that is looking for hassle free loans in Nigeria? Then quickly download the aella loan app which gives you access to their loan product offers that you can borrow from and cover your bills.

It’s quick, easy and secure and anyone can apply money from them anytime, anywhere.

4. Paylater / Carbon Loan App

The Paylater app is an online Finance app where you can get a loan, invest money and also make payments all in the carbon app.

It’s a fast, secure and reliable 24hrs loan app in Nigeria and Kenya that offers instant quick cash loan of N1 million naira / Ksh 30,000 without collateral.

Why Carbon / Paylater Loan App?

√ You get Instant access to loans, 24/7 cashback when you apply on time.

√ You can earn upto 15% interest when you invest

√ Store money securely in your wallet and you get paid monthly Interest.

√ Much requirements is not needed just your Android, data connection and a valid ID.Q

How To Apply For Carbon Loan App.

1. Download the app

2. Create your account in minutes

3. Choose loan offer that suits you and apply

4. Get credited in Minutes.

5. ALAT Loan App

Alat Loan app has made it to the list of our best loan apps in Nigeria where all salary workers and anyone can apply for a collateral free loans in Nigeria.

With the Alat Loan App and offers, you can borrow upto 50% of your net monthly salary and Repay back in 2 months.

Simply Download the ALAT Loan app, meet their loan Requirements and register with your correct details to apply.

6. Branch Finance App

Branch Loan company has gained it’s trust and legitimacy as one of the best loan apps in Nigeria and Africa. This is a top Finance app that has over 10M+ download from playstore with happy clients.

Branch Loan App is a stress free loan platform where you can borrow as low as N1000 to N2 million naira and Repay back in 3 months time.

The branch app has an easy access to any of their loan offers 24/7 with an interest rate of 1.7% to 22%, offering a flexible repayment plan.

Download the Branch Loan App, Sign up with your correct details and apply.

7. Quickbucks Loan App

The quickbucks is a loan application from access bank, I have written a review about Access bank loan here, codes and requirements used in applying for their loans quickly.

Why Quickbucks Loan App?

It’s a good thing that you come across this app because you can still get a loan from it whether you are a customer or non – customer of access bank.

They offer varieties of Loans starting from: payday loan, salary advance, small ticket personal loan, device financing, Vehicle Finance, mortgage.

√ To get started simply download the quickbucks loan app

√ Click on sign up and enter your email address and BVN linked phone number

√ An OTP will be sent to your phone number which will be used to validate app

√ Proceed to update your profile and update your details ( Location, bank account number and monthly salary )

√ Continue the sign up by choosing your password and preferred pin which will be used for authenticating of all transactions.

8. Fast Loan App

Fast loan is an application from Fidelity bank made for providing more easy access to Fidelity loans in Nigeria.

The Fast Loan application gives you Instant access to loans as well as fast disbursement of loans in 2 minutes as well as seemless repayment of loans through Flexible options without documentation, collateral Orr bank visit.

To get started Download the Fast Loan App

√ Create an account using your phone number and email address

√ Get Instant access to various loan Offers and choose the one that suits you

√ Meet all their requirements and apply

√ Once approved, the loan amount will be disbursed straight into your bank account.

9. Page Financials Loan App

Over 100k+ people in Nigeria are making use of these app because of it’s features and fastness in processing of loans.

With the page mobile loan app, you can get a quick loan of N200,000 to N5 million naira for personal and urgent needs, Transfer money to any other account, invest in high interest rates, recharge airtime and pay bills or any other services.

Here is how to use the page Financials App and borrow money from them.

1. Download the Page Financials Loan App and create an account

2. You will be requested to provide BVN, which is only used for verification

3. You will receive an otp on the phone number associated with the BVN, input the otp, your address and email accordingly

4. You will receive an SMS with your Page account number and password. A login ID and password will be mailed to you please kindly insure to change your password for security reasons

5. Once you have successfully login with your registered email and password, you can now start using their products.

10. Quickcredit Loan App

Are you in need of emergency or urgent cash loan with collateral free? Then allow me to introduce you to quickcredit loan app in Nigeria which is a simple, technologically deployed money lending platform that provides micro loan for short term duration to help meet and cover unexpected emergency expenses and urgent cash needs.

Quickcredit Loan App offers loans from N1000 to N1,000,000 with a repayment term of 60 days from approval.

To Apply quickly download the app, create an account, apply in seconds, recieve your loan straight into your bank account.

11. Palmcredit Loan App

Here is another loan app in Nigeria that offers quick loans in urgent matter. Palmcredit is a top money lending app offering cash loans to individuals above the age of 18 years in Nigeria without collateral or paperwork.

You can borrow upto N200,000 cash loan with the Palmcredit Loan App and Repay back in 90 days time.

Their loan app is free and available for download on playstore, after downloading then create an account with them and apply for a loan.

Our Opinion On These Loan Apps

These loan apps in Nigeria listed here are real and fully licensed by the CBN to operate as a Finance company in Nigeria.

These means that their operation are fully regulated, so these loan apps in Nigeria are real and you can easily borrow money from them.

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