Lime Loans Review – Upto R50,000

You can do more with the Lime credit group which gives you access to Lime loans online product and offers you a greater opportunity to reinvest and realize your ambition with their digital Lending platform.

About Lime Loans?

Lime24 is a Financial technology company that provides digital solutions to change how people borrow money in South Africa. They are entity of a larger holding group company Lime Credit Group, utilizing advance algorithm and machine learning capabilities that helps to offer a platform for a customized approach towards Lending.

What Lime Credit Group Is All About?

As one of the world’s leading digital Lending internet platform and Financial service organizations, whose objectives is to help manage Their customers Financial affairs efficiently, smoothly and securely.

Just Like Absa Loans, Bfs Loans, Mpowa Finance Loan, Boodle Loans, Bayportsa Loans etc. They believe in maintaining a balance Financial position is vital and they see value in been able to provide their customer’s and families the best loans suitable for their needs through Lime24 Loans.

The Lime credit Group is a holding company for their four operational market since 2013, they have served over 374,000 client’s under the Lime Financial Services and has over 600 Employees’and 9 branches in 5 country.

How Lime Loan Works And How To Apply?

The application process for Lime Loans can easily be operated by a non internet guru and is hassle free, You can apply for Liime Loans through this guide below:

1.  Create Your Lime Loans Profile

First thing to do is to create your Lime profile by clicking the “Apply Now” enter your personal details and contact which include your name and number

2. Complete Your Bank Details

Enter an additional information to determine your tariff rate, fill in your bank account details and provide your latest 3 months bank statements for faster processing time and your convenience, connect Direct with your bank through the secure Truld platform

3. Withdraw Your Money

Confirm your income, choose the amount and review the terms for your Loans, read and sign the agreement by clicking” I accept” button and the money will be paid into your account.

Using Truld On Lime Loans

TrulD is a consent driven platform that enables cusumers to securely connect with their bank thereby facilitating the safe and sharing of their information.

In strict compliance with popia, TrulD will only share information that the consumer has granted consent for.

How To Repay Your Lime Loans?

You can repay your Loans directly on the webpage, simply Login on the homepage and enter the phone number and password you used during registration.

Press Repay button and follow the instructions on your profile, please note that all loans repayment are collected through the debit order automatically.

Lime Loans Loyalty Program

As a lime Loyalty insider, rewards will allow you to get loans with the best loans in South Africa.

The Lime Loans Loyalty Program is designed to reward their customers who aim to achieve their life goals and ambition and those who repay their loans on time.

The Lime Loans Loyalty allows you to get a loan at a discounted rate when you repay on time.

You can also get your Loan at a 25% Interest rate discount when you repay on time.

Requirements To Apply For Lime Loans

Lime Loans
Lime Loans Review

Here are some of the things needed before your loan can be granted on Lime

1. Your South Africa ID

2. Your cellphone number

3. Your bank account statements

4. Last 3 months payslips of your account showing your income etc

Why Choose Lime24 Loans?

1. They are quick as you can get your money sent to your bank account immediately your loan is approved

2. Their application is easy, to get a loan all that is required is to provide a basic information

3. Lime Loans is affordable, you get discount on your interest rates whenever you repay your lime loans on time.

Is Lime Loans Legit?

Limes24 service is owned by limes loans South Africa (pty) Ltd l, a private company registered in the republic of South Africa with the companies and intellectual property commission registration number 2015/239349/07) and the national credit regulator (registration number CP8077). Lime Loans operate in strict accordance with the regulation under the national credit act.

You can do more with Lime credit group when you apply for the Lime Loans and if you are already existing user then you can Login into your limes account here.

Lime Loans Contacts

Do you have any issues on getting a loan from lime then you can contact them on telephone or email at or rather visit their head office at 30 Lucas lane Bedfordview. Johannesburg 2007.

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