Lcredit Loan App Download Review

Get a quick loan with Lcredit Loan App in Nigeria which offers Instant payday loan in minutes.

Lcredit Review, Who They Are?

LCredit is one of the unique Fintech platforms in Nigeria offering a 24hrs loan through their loan application.

You should be a Nigerian for Lcredit to provide you with finacial mobility whenever for whatever.

Their services is based on mobile internet security technology and big-data analysis innovation.

How Lcredit Works?

It is a hassle free money lending app and their loan application are done through the Lcredit Loan App.

To get started simply Download the Lcredit Loan App from Google play store,

Register using your android phone,

Submit personal information (BVN information, job information).

Why Lcredit?

Viewers are asking why Lcredit? The company boost of it’s Instant cash loan in 24hrs and is said to offer quick cash loan without collateral in Nigeria.

There are four simple steps to get your money From Lcredit in minutes:

Step 1: Download the Lcredit App and register using your Android mobile phone

Step 2: Submit your details which includes ( Address, phone number, Bvn, Email etc) No collateral required.

Step 3: Choose loan amount and apply

Step 4: Once approved, money will be sent to your bank account.

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How Much Does Lcredit Offers?

Lcredit App offers a quick fast and reliable cash loan of up to N50,000 with a low interest rate. It is a 1 minute to get approval, 10 minutes to get cash.

Since it’s a convenient loan application, No paper documents or collateral neede: You can just apply online just by submitting necessary information on the Lcredit application page.

Lcredit Loan Requirements?

What are the basic conditions for applying for loan using LCredit?

• You must be a Nigerian who lives and stays in Nigeria,

•You must be at least age of 18-55 years old.

• You must have a bank account

• You must not have any outstanding loan credit from any fintech platform..

How To Increase Lcredit Loan Amount?

You need to maintain a stable loan record, and please repay the loan as scheduled. Lcredit will increase your loan amount from time to time.

Lcredit Interest Rates?

If you borrow money online with LCredit Loan app. Then you will notice they offer Instant loan with a flexible repayment plan and favorable interest rate.

Lcredit App interest rates goes from 36.5% to 300%. The Lcredit interest rate is calculated on a daily basis.

Lcredit Loan App Download

Lcredit Loan application is done through their loan app and can be downloaded from Lcredit website.

Lcredit Website?

Wondered if Lcredit has a website? Yes they do have a website where you can learn how Lcredit works and much more.

Lcredit Website is accessible on the Google world wide web with a click.

Lcredit Contacts?

Do you have any complain concerning your loan not getting approved with Lcredit? If yes, do send them an email through:

Or you make use of Lcredit phone number and call them on their Consumer hotline: 016310555

Is Lcredit Legit Or Scam?

Lcredit Loan App Review

We can’t say for sure as we have received good review and bad review of Lcredit Loan.

But is left for you to test this lending app and give us your own personal review of what you think.

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