Jazz Loan Code *786# – How To Get A Jazz Loan

You can get a Jazz Loan with these simple step by step procedures that I will show you and how you can apply for a loan with Jazz Loan Code.

About Jazzcash

According to Wikipedia, Jazzcash which was formerly known as mobicash, is a Pakistani mobile wallet, mobile payment and branchless banking services provider. It was launched in 2012 as MobiCash by Mobilink (now Jazz) in partnership with their subsidiary bank Mobilink Microfinance Bank.

It also provides digital payment service through QR code in partnership with MasterPass.

Jazz Loan Review

JazzCash introduces ReadyCash jazz loan service that will process and issue you a loan in a few seconds without collateral.

ReadyCash is an instant and convenient way for JazzCash Mobile Account customers to avail short-term instant loans of small denominations.

ReadyCash service will instantly credit loan into your Mobile Account allowing you to utilize the amount instantly to meet your short term loan requirement.

How Jazz Loan Works?

With Jazzcash loan code and Jazz loan app, customers no longer need to go through heavy documentation or processes to get a loan. With a few taps on your mobile phone, Jazz Loan will be disbursed straight into your mobile wallet.

Why Apply For Jazz Loan?

Customers can access the Jazz Loan service for a duration of four weeks; with the option to pay back early as well.

One customer can get only a single loan at a time of up to Rs Jazz 10,000. Currently, the service is in pilot and is available for a limited number of customers only – who will be informed about their eligibility through an SMS.

How To Apply For Jazz Loan.

Jazz Loan Code
Jazzcash Loan Code

You can get a loan quickly by dialing the jazz Loan Code to apply, simply dial:

1. Dial the jazz loan code *786# from your mobile phone

2. Press 4 and select the Jazz loan Readycash option

3. Press 1 to apply for the Jazz Readycash loan

4. Select your desired Readycash amount offered by Jazz

5. Enter your mobile wallet pin ( MPIN ) to confirm then accept their terms and conditions

6. Once you have completed the above procedures, congrats your Jazz loan offer will be processed and once you are approved the money will be disbursed straight into your wallet account.

Requirements To Apply For Jazz Loan:

1. You must be above 18 years of age

2. You must have a valid ID for identification ( valid CNIC )

3. You must live and base in Pakistani

4. Proof of residence and statement of account.

How Much Can You Borrow From Jazzcash Loan?

Jazzcash offers varieties of loan amount to all their customers depending on your eligibility, their Jazz loan starts from Rs100 – Rs10,000.

How To Repay Your Jazz Loan?

You can repay your loan through the jazz loan code by dialing *786#, select 4 and press 2 for repay loan then choose 1 for full payment or 2 for partial repayment then put in your MPIN and your repayment loan will be processed.

Jazz Loan Code

You can apply for a loan through Jazz loan code from your mobile phone when you dial *786*6*8# to apply.

You can also apply with the Jazz advance loan code *112# from your jazz prepaid number.

Also apply for jazz friend loan when you dial *1112# then press 1 to add a friends number.

Wrapping Up On Jazz Loan

With the Jazz loan, you can easily apply and get a Jazz loan of upto Rs 10,000 and repay back without any hassle.

You can also check your Jazz loan repayment history when you dial *786#,

Press 6 and select my account

Press 8 and select Readycash

Then select 3 for Readycash payment history.

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