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About IPPIS And Who They Are?

IPPIS Secretariat is a Department under the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation responsible for payment of salaries and wages directly to Government employee’s bank account with appropriate deductions and remittances of 3rd party payments such as; Federal Inland Revenue Service, State Boards of Internal Revenue, National Health Insurance Scheme, National Housing Fund, Pension Fund Administrator, Cooperative Societies, Trade Unions Dues, Association Dues and Bank Loans.

What IPPIS Really Do?

IPPIS which means (Integrated payroll and personal information system) are committed to efficient and effective service delivery. Their main aim is to pay accurately and on time within statutory and contractual regulations.

Ippis aim to provide a payroll service that is customer focused and that utilises technology wherever possible.

According To IPPIS, there are 696 MDAS on IPPIS Platform as at June, 2020. The department is responsible for processing and payment of salary to over One million (1,139,633) Federal Government Employees across the 696 MDAs.

IPPIS aim is to enrol into the platform, all Federal Government MDAs that draws personnel cost fund from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

Since inception of the IPPIS project in April 2007, the department have saved the Federal Government of Nigeria billions of Naira by eliminating thousands of ghost workers.

IPPIS Department carries out its functions in collaboration with; the Federal Ministry of Finance, Office of the Head of Service, Civil Service Commission, Office of the Auditor General of the Federation and MDAs that are enrolled on IPPIS.

The Acting Director IPPIS, Dr. Nsikak Ben, (FCA) is responsible for the overall Management of IPPIS Department, reporting to the Accountant-General of the Federation.

How To Get Started With IPPIS?

a). You must be a bonafide staff of an MDA and employed in line with prescribed public service rules i.e. not less than 18 years old and not more than 50 years.

b) Registration is usually through the IPPIS project portal www.ippis.gov.ng; however, after the initial registration form to be completed by the employee and uploaded into the IPPIS application before the staff is registered & quote.

Documents Required For IPPIS?

a) Officer having concluded the self-service enrollment on the project portal, a summary slip would be generated for the officer to be endorsed by appropriate officials of the MDA in duplicate copies. The officer would keep one while the MDA would keep one for the enrollment

b) The officer must present himself physically for biometric data capturing where the facial picture would be taken (religious inclination of female staff is recognized where only the face is taken without requesting for the ears women in puddah (nikaf) would be required to be taken in private by a female official of the project consultants/federal documents civil service commission)

c) The following documents would be scanned into the IPPIS application:

i) The self generated and duly signed IPPIS Summary sheet;

ii) Staff letter/gazette of first appointment – new employer need to submit evidence of assumption (if any)

iii) Letter of last promotion (if any) ;

iv) Birth certificate/affidavit of declaration of age (not newly done).

d) Your ten finger impression would be taken as well as your facial picture which will be stored on the IPPIS application without which your salary would not be processed.

The document would become a permanent record in the IPPIS application for future reference and the staff would not be able to change these at will. This is also to avoid falsification of record in the future.

IPPIS Payslips

According To IPPIS, there are 696 MDAS on IPPIS Platform as at June, 2020. The department is responsible for processing IPPIS Payslips and payment of salary to over One million (1,139,633) Federal Government Employees across the 696 MDAs.

Their mission is to pay FGN employees on-time and accurately within statutory and contractual obligations.

When Do IPPIS System Pay Salary?

a) Salary through IPPIS is paid after the monthly federal account allocation committee meeting; the dates is not however specific but salary are paid between 20th –25th of every month.

b) some staff are not paid if there are discrepancies in their bank details e.g.

i) If name in the bank is different from what is on the IPPIS platform i.e. some ladies after marriage rush to their banks to change names without changing same on the IPPIS application.

ii) Also some have names like Chukwudi Ayobami Bello in the IPPIS application but have Chukwudi Ayo Bello in the bank this is not the same person and as such the salary will be returned

iii) Some have accounts in many bank and as such supplied e.g. ecobank as their bank but forget and give the account number they have with firstbank, this is mismatch

iv) Some fill in alphabet”O” in the account number instead of numeric “0” (zero)

v) If your finger print not clear to the IPPIS application, it will reject processing your salary.

This is usually caused by bad finger, heavy smoking, or drinking (alcohol),stroke or amputation as a result of accident or whitlow etc. exception is created to allow these peculiarities be taken care of to enable the system pay such officer.

Where To Get Your IPPIS Payslips?

The IPPIS Role player in the payroll section (salary section) would issue your payslip to you on request; but with time, there will be self-service opening for you to generate your payslip on the internet or e-mailer that would be sending your payslip to your email just like you have statement of your account on your e-mail.

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IPPIS Number And Contacts

You can call IPPIS Number +234 908 700 5735 or visit their Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation Treasury House Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki 11, Abuja, Nigeria.


Their mission and vision is simple which is to have a centralised payroll system that meet the needs of FGN employees and helps the Government to plan and manage payroll budget by ensuring proper control of personnel cost.

And also to pay FGN employees on-time and accurately within statutory and contractual obligations.

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IPPIS Payslips

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Conclusion On IPPIS

Here’s what IPPIS do :

• IPPIS is responsible for Management of FGN employees records

• IPPIS is responsible for Payment of Salary and Wages to FGN employees

•IPPIS is responsible for Deductions of taxes and other third payments

• IPPIS is responsible for Remittance of payroll deductions to third party

• IPPIS is responsible for Enrollment of employees into IPPIS database.

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