Instant 24hrs Loan In Nigeria – Apply Now

If you need money urgently then this 24 hours loan in Nigeria is a good to go option for you.

Best 24hrs Loan In Nigeria

I have did a very good research regarding some money lending platforms in Nigeria that offers a quick 24hrs loan in Nigeria,.

They are most trusted and rated best when it comes to getting an online loan in Nigeria.

I have researched over 15 – 20 platforms that offers urgent 24hrs Loans in Nigeria without paperwork or collateral, this includes: loan apps and websites that gives loan in minutes straight to your bank account.

Instant 24hrs Loans In Nigeria

24hrs loan in Nigeria
24hours loan in Nigeria

1. efinanceng

Efinanceng is a top Instant mobile loan in Nigeria that offers quick and easy 24hrs loan in Nigeria that anyone can apply and get upto 5million naira cash without paperwork or collateral.

How Does Efinanceng Loan Works?

They have a very quick and transparent ways of applying for their loan in 3 steps:

• Submit Application

Before you apply, kindly submit your loan application form and await their reply or notification from them. Kindly make sure you confirm the loan amount and loan duration that you are comfortable with using their loan calculator.

• Wait For Verification

Submit all your correct documents to them and wait for uoto 12hrs for your documents to be verified.

• Receive Your Loan

There is cash disbursement of the loan amount you applied straight to your bank account.

2. Migo Loan

When it comes to money lending platforms that offers Instant 24hrs loans in Nigeria without any hassle Migo loan is among the top list.

They are among the loan companies that offers emergency loan which guarantee 24hrs loan straight to your bank account.
How Does Migo Loan Works?

Migo is a cloud based platforms that enables companies to offer credits to their customers, augmenting Traditional card and payment bank infrastructure companies like bank telecommunication, operator’s and merchant integrate.

3. PageFinancials Loan

With PageFinancials you can apply and get cash loan of Upto N200,000 to N5,000,000 in less than 3hrs here in Nigeria.

When you need an urgent need for cash, to settle an urgent bills or take care of an emergency or grab an opportunity? With the convenient secure and Instant loan that PageFinancials offers got you covered.

You can apply for their loan now and get funds in less than 3hrs straight to your bank account with no hidden charges.

4. Myspecta Loan

Myspecta loan has helped individuals access up to N5,000,000 cash loans in less than 5mins without collateral.

Specta Loan is in partnership with Sterling bank of Nigeria and offers varieties of loans in minutes which includes: personal loan, business loan and cash secured loan.

No need for paperwork or collateral or to visit any office, simply visit their official website and apply then receive your cash in minutes.

5. C24ng Loan

This company has helped thousands of people to reach their financial goals with great rates and less fees through their awesome loan help.

They boost of 180,000+ happy customers and over 8billion naira cash disbursed. They also offer 24hrs loan on their personal loan, business loan and quick cash loan.

Before you apply first: check your eligibility, personalize your offer, borrow and repay.

6. Creditdirect

Whether you are looking for money to pay your bills, go on vacation, buy that dream home or car, with creditdirect loan offers which makes it possible for you never to go broke again.

Their loan offers include: sharp sharp loan, cash to go, asset finance and empower the corps which grants upro 5million naira in less than 1hrs here in Nigeria.

7. Quickcheck Loan App

When you need an urgent loan for any matter in Nigeria, Quickcheck is there to make sure that you never go broke again. Anyone can apply with no long queues or bulky documents, just with your smartphone and the Quickcheck app.

Their loan app is easy to use with 3 steps to apply:

• create a profile, apply for a loan using the Quickcheck Loan app and get cash disbursed to your account in minutes.

8. Zedvance Loan

Zedvance is another fast lending platform in Nigeria that offers instant access of upto N5,000,000 unsecured loan in minutes. No hidden charges, collateral or paperwork.

How Does Zedvance Loan Works?

For applicant’s to receive loan disbursement in minutes, they should complete this:

• Create An Account

You can register through their website, moneypal app or chat zee on WhatsApp to get started.
• Apply For A Loan

There are different package available so do yourself a favor by selecting the loan plan that you need.

• Answer A Few Questions

Do make sure to fill in the right details of your information when applying.

• Receive Money To Your Account

You will be credited in less than 24hrs of approval.

9. Pettycash Loan

Here is another online loan website that offers instant 24hrs loan in Nigeria through their loan packages:

Federal Staff Loan, Payday Loan, Car Collateral Loan, Pettyvest Loan which offers quick cash loans of Upto 2Million naira in minutes.

10. Rosabon Loan

This is an innovative lifestyle products for individuals who are looking for access to Quick Cash for emergencies, be it medical or any other unforseen expenses.

With rosabon, there’s no need to worry about unnecessary paperwork or collateral as they have given you the opportunity to access upto N5,000,000 within 24hrs without any guarantor.

Application Requirements:

• Be a paid employment
• Be the age of 21 and 58 years
• Have a current account and tax ID
• Have a valid proof of identification.

11. Fairmoney Loan

Fairmoney is a licensed online money lender that provides Instant loans and bill payments.

How To Apply For Fairmoney Loan?

To Apply for fairmoney loan, you need to download their Android loan app from Google playstore, sign up with your phone number and link with your BVN, answer a few question and confirm your identity to receive a loan offer.

If you accept it, you will receive a loan offer within 24hrs straight to your bank account.

12. Renmoney Loan

Renmoney is a microfinance bank registered under cbn and insured by NDIC. It’s a loan financier that present itself as the best loan company in Nigeria.

They grant loans for personal use, Large and small business owners and their loans ranges from N50,000 to N6 million naira conveniently in 24hrs of applying.

13. Fincanigeria Loan

There might be an urgent matter that needs immediate Finance to be solved whether to expand your operation or to meet your goals, Fincanigeria Loan will help you maintain and grow your business along with free financial advisory services to manage business and cash flows.

On Fincanigeria they offer varieties of loans like individual loan, group loan, school improvement loan, school fees loan, small enterprise loan etc..

14. Kiakia Loan

Kiakia Loan is a subsidiary to the Sterling bank of Nigeria and it is an online loan shark and financier that provides frank and straight forward personal loans at good rates and the idea behind the kiakia Loan is for a fast, quick loan with zero collateral.

Kiakia offers instant cash loan of Upto 1million naira conveniently, all you need to do is just visit the kiakia Loan Website and click on the Get A Loan option and then a user friendly chat will open for you and you can complete your entry.

15. Standard Chartered Bank Loan

When your goal and dream is big, you need a big Finance to see it become a reality.

With Standard Chartered Loan which offers upto N20 million naira cash loan in few hours without paperwork or collateral straight to your bank account.

Requirements Needed:

• you must have your salary account with standard chartered bank.
• you must have good credit bureau history
• minimum salary qualification is N50,000 government or private.

16. Fastcredit Loan

Get the best loan offers with fastcredit Loan which offers you access to the best quick cash loan of Upto N5 million naira with the best rate, and Receive credit within 24hrs of approval.

Why Fastcredit Loan?

• Their rates are attractive
• No collateral required
• Get credited in less than 24hrs
• Flexible repayment structure and terms.

17. Carbon (Paylater) Loan

Carbon has remained outstanding when it comes to lenders that offers big amount of money without collateral here in Nigeria and anyone can apply as long as you have a good credit score.
Carbon loan gives you access of upto N30 million naira to salary and non salary owners through their website and loan app.

Requirements For Applying:

• Valid means of identification
• Bank account ( For loan disbursement)
• Recent 3 – 6 months sta

tement of your account.

18. LMoney Loan

Get credited instantly when you try out LMoney Lending platform which Offers the quickest and most easily accessible salary advance and payday loan facilities to corporate Nigeria.

They grants access of upto N3,000,000 straight to your bank account if your loan is approved.

19. Quickteller Loan

No doubt that quickteller loan is one of the best money lending platforms that offers Instant 24hrs loans in Nigeria without any paperwork or collateral and is hassle free.

The credit facility has been in existence for so long, offering financial services to thousands of happy customer and clients which has made their portfolio spread across Nigeria and some African countries.

20. MTN Quick Loan

The MTN Xtracash Loan offers you a convenient and instateneous way to get a quick cash loan for MTN existing diamond yellow subscriber’s.

This MTN Quick Loan can be used to pay Bill’s, purchase goods, p2p transfer, purchase airtime, and cash out from your Mobile Loan.

21. Branch Loan

Branch is the world’s leading mobile banking and personal finance loan app that provides you access to instant loans without any collateral or physical documentation through the Branch loan app.

Branch makes it easy for people in Nigeria to transfer money for free, get instant loans up to ₦500,000, and enjoy investment yields of 20% per annum. Complete their mobile loan application in seconds and start enjoying superior value.

With branch loan app, you can transfer money and pay bills for free, get instant loans up to ₦500,000 without collateral, and enjoy investment yields of 20% per annum.

Conclusion On 24hrs Loans In Nigeria

To fasten up your loan approval with any of those 24hrs loans in Nigeria here is what is required:

1. Bank Account
2. Valid ID
3. Paying Job
4. Bank Statement
5. Good Credit Score
6. Above Age Of 20
7. Utility Bill
8. Passport Photograph
9. Employment ID Card
10. Employment Letter.

With the above requirements provided from you to any Lending platform that offers 24hrs loans in Nigeria, you will get your loan approved in minutes.


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