How To Start Cpa Marketing For Beginner’s 100%

There are so many ways to make money online legitmately and CPA Marketing is currently one of them.

Making Money With CPA Marketing

If you care to know, making money online in Nigeria with CPA Marketing is currently one of the easiest way to make money online.

We created this tutorial on CPA Marketing for beginner’s, how to start CPA Marketing, how to make money with Cpa and much more etc……

What Is CPA Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, CPA which stands for ( Cost per action ), also sometimes misconstrued in marketing environments as cost per acquisition, is an online advertising measurement and pricing model referring to a specified action, for example, a sale, click, or form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration, etc

In short: CPA (Cost Per Action) is also known as Pay Per Lead in short PPL.

CPA is a type of marketing where you get paid for making people to take action on a particular offer you are offering such as:

• Submitting E-mail address,

• Filling up a form,

• Downloading files,

• Talking online surveys,

• Submitting pin code,

• Submitting phone numbers Or trying a risk free trial on a site.

How Does CPA Marketing Works In Nigeria?

You can make money online with any CPA Marketing network here in Nigeria once you sign up and create an account with them,

√ Once you are approved, you will receive an affiliate link which will be used to keep track of your sales and earnings,

√ You can then Select an offer to promote which is available on your CPA dashboard account,

√ Copy offer Link and start promoting….. It’s simple right!

How To Make Money With CPA Marketing In Nigeria?

You make money with Cpa each time a supposed action required is completed by a target audience.

Eg: survey CPA offers has a minimum of $0.5 and a maximum of $20 per conversion depending on the offer presented to you that you are promoting.

However, there are some high end CPA offers that pays more than $700 by the advertiser for a particular action completed

Mathematically, let’s assume that you are promoting an offer that pays $1.15 per lead or action (when someone completes the supposed action required) and as a starter, you manage to generate a 500 leads in a month, that means $1.15 × 500 leads = $575.

So, you have earn $575 in a month which is equivalent to N248,592 in Nigerian currency.

That’s a cool cash by the way……. Working from home and getting people to submit their emails and complete a task then gets paid at least $1 per successful email / lead.

CPA Marketing Network’s In Nigeria To Join?

Although there are quick and easy Approval CPA Marketing networks that you can apply for, join and start promoting their Cpa offers:

• AdCombo CPA

Adcombo has the slickest site of any of the networks in this roundup but they are not just about good looks, they also claim to have exclusive campaigns not available on any other CPA affiliate network, spread across 12 verticals.

That includes niches like the ones listed below And they also support over 40 languages, so you get true geo-specific landing pages.

Each of which is served from their own international network of servers for the best possible load times.

But they also have offers in gaming, forex, betting, antivirus, wallpapers, and VOD (Video on Demand)

• Maxbounty CPA Network

Maxbounty is a world leading performance based CPA Network that specializes in maximizing the return of investment (ROI) of both the advertisers and affiliates established in 2004.

• AdworkMedia Network

Adworkmedia is a global performance marketing network that provides content locking and monetization solutions for online publisher’s interest in maximizing their traffic earnings. As a publisher, you earn money from your website, apps, products, e-mail marketing, search and display ads etc

• Clickbooth CPA Network

Clickbooth is rated as no.1 CPA Networks worldwide, which has been connecting advertisers and affiliates to drive new customers or users since its inception in 2002.

• Shareasale CPA Network

Shareasale is one of a kind cost per action (CPA) based affiliate ad network. established in January, 2009 by chad French. An award winning international online affiliate platform, shareasale, removes the costs, risks and headaches associated with traditional online advertising by funneling that burden across a network of thousands of professional affiliates who get paid only when a measurable transaction occurs, such as a lead or sale

• CPALead Network

Cpalead is a private lead generation network specializing in cost per action(CPA) offers, pay per click(PPC) advertising and CPU mobile app installs. They supply CPA Lead gen offers to Android and iOS mobile apps, content lockers, website and media buyers.

Why Join These CPA Network?

Finding a trusted CPA Network to join is the second most important step you needed before starting a CPA marketing in Nigeria. Make a through out research and go for the ones with the right offer that suite you.

As i mentioned above earlier, shareasale maxbounty, CPA Lead, adworkmedia and click booth are one of the best CPA Networks you can choose from in Nigeria.

Best CPA Marketing Offers You Can Promote Online:

There are over 1000+ CPA offers that you can promote online from these CPA network’s and make money quickly:

• Mobile App offers,

• Weight loss offers,

• Dating offers,

• Jobs and survey offers,

• Software offers,

• Housing offers,

• Finance offers,

• Insurance offers,

• Games offers

• Dating offers etc…..

How To Apply And Get Approve Maxbounty CPA Account.

Many questions have been asked why their CPA account is always rejected whenever they apply?

Now the truth is that there’s always a process to follow in getting your cpa account approved by any CPA Marketing networks in Nigeria.

I have seen people buying and selling approved maxbounty account and it has turn out to be a very good online business for them apart from making money with it.

Your so called gurus might be hiding it from you but as the case might be is a lot easier in getting approved by any CPA Marketing network than you think.

Before I teach on how to apply and get approved by any cpa network here’s why people keep hiding this secret:

• To Make Money Selling CPA Marketing Network Account:

CPA network’s like Maxbounty are very strict when it comes to getting approved and in most cases you won’t qualify to use their program.

So people who knew this little strategy use it to apply and then resell for $100 – $200 per CPA account.

Now you can do the maths $100×10 = $1000 isn’t that cool? Of course so that’s why I created this article for you to also benefit from it while it lasts.

How To Get Approved Maxbounty Or Any CPA Account?

Maxbounty is a very strict cpa marketing network available for the experts in cpa field when it comes to approving a maxbounty affiliate account but here is the deal:

There are currently 6 stages for applying and getting any cpa account ready and approved.

1. The Info Page

This page contains details about your name, your company’s name and your password.

2. Maxbounty / CPA Security Question And Answer.

This stage in maxbounty or Cpa approval is about giving a security question and answer for your CPA / Maxbounty account rep.

3. Maxbounty Account Contact Details

Here you can submit your email address, phone number, mobile number, time zone, Skype ID, and how you heard about them.

4. Submit Your Street Address Details

This stage of maxbounty account approval requires your street address, city, province, state, postal code and country.

5. Share Your Experience With Them

Here is a tough part of getting your CPA maxbounty account approved as you will need to share your affiliate marketing experience with them, cpa network you have worked with, how much you have earned with them, your method of promotion and your previous account manager ID and website URL.

It’s necessary to have a website URL before applying for a Maxbounty Account but incase you don’t have…… Do not panic for there’s a way for you continue reading.

6. Finally Agree To Their Terms And Conditions

Agree not to share or trade the account and not to used freelancers etc.. .

Hey it doesn’t end there, Continue reading and take action to Learn the big tricks and secret in getting a maxbounty free account approval, promoting CPA offers and making money with Cpa Marketing, always anytime of your choice.

The Big CPA Marketing Training

It can be challenging and hard at the same time for newbies to start making upto $10,000 a month.

Well if you haven’t passed this stage of making upto $1000 a month from CPA then allow me to introduce you to CPA Marketing Drill.……. An online cpa marketing training with a Step by Step full Video guide on how to make money with Cpa Marketing.

Why CPA Marketing Drill Training Is Good?

I have clearly did my research on proven CPA methods that gets results in less than 1hrs of setting up your CPA dashboard account.

CPA DRILL show’s you a practical CPA Marketing guide for beginner’s to start making money with CPA.

CPA Marketing
CPA Marketing

From Getting Approved And Setting Up Your CPA Account.

Some CPA network’s may seem hard to get approval especially marketing network’s like Maxbounty which has a higher payouts. Now with a practical step by step from the Cpa Drill Course, you can bypass the rejection message of any CPA network.

Set up your first CPA Drill in under 45 mins, by just following their paint-by-numbers video/ PDF instructions.

Traffic Issue Solved

You need a good amount of traffic to make a conversion on your CPA offers.

CPA DRILL will take you by the hand and show you a Step by step guide on how to switch on traffic on demand – just copy and paste.

Watch Your Earnings Grow

Because it is an automated money system done through CPA DRILL, All you have to do is Put your feet up and watch $105.60+ of PURE PROFITS roll in within 24 hours instantly.

Why Pay For This One Time CPA Marketing Training

👉 You do NOT need to create your own products

👉 You do NOT need any technical expertise

👉 You do NOT have to ‘guess’ which CPA offers will make money.

What You Get On CPA DRILL????

• How to put this SIMPLE CPA Drill strategy into action within 45 minutes – even if you’ve never made a dime online before, and you have zero tech skills

• How to ‘rinse and repeat’ this technique, and scale up BIG, to create a genuine job replacing income in 2018. What CPA Drill technique shows you is so much easier than anything you’ve ever seen before

• How to get approved by ANY CPA network (get the EXACT answers you need to give). This is the number one issue newbies have, and we’ve just blown it out of the water

• How to tap into a swarm of traffic that is FREE to get started. Just plough as much or as little of your profits back and scale up – the sky’s the limit

• How to select CPA offers that convert not just now, but are long term ‘evergreen’ offers. This is how to use CPA Drill to scale things up to a $1,000+ per week job-replacing income, without ever owning your own products.

What Are You still waiting for? Click Here to get into the Cpa Drill Mastery Class to start making money online.

How Much Can You Make With CPA Marketing?

There’s no doubt that you heard people saying I earn $1000 with Cpa Marketing and others saying I earn $10,000 a day with Cpa Marketing and they keep on earning over and over again.

Now how could they be earning such amount with Cpa Marketing ? The truth is….. CPA Drill Training can help Master CPA Marketing in Seconds.

You getting started with Cpa Marketing and earning with it should be your top priority as an internet marketer, starting from :

• Finding your niche with your cpa network ( work at home, insurance, downloads etc),

• Choosing from the best converting offer,

• Getting your affiliate link for promotion and drive leads to them to earn from Cpa Marketing.

Now it doesn’t end there, Making money with Cpa is a different thing but setting up your earning board to be making money daily is what really matters.

You can set up your target to be earning $100 a day or $1000 a day, you are the only person limiting yourself from earning big with Cpa Marketing and your potential in earning with any Cpa networks depends on your traffic and offer that you choose to promote.

CPA Marketing Earning Theory

Let’s check how you can be able to limit yourself from your ability to earn $$$ with Cpa Marketing.

• Promoting High Cpa Offers

I strongly believe that this is the reason why you came across this blog post on Cpa Marketing and it’s earning potential. Well I will be glad to tell you that the offer that you choose to promote is the ability that your earnings with Cpa got stuck, no doubt that you have made few bucks trying to promote an offer but you could make much more if you try other offers with higher Payout.

With Cpa Drill Training,, you can learn about the hot in demand offers that will convert immediately after setting up your account.

Find a Cpa offer for your country, discover it’s niche and their method of Promotion, do a keyword research about it and promote with your traffic method.

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