How To Borrow Data From Glo

Learn how to borrow data from Glo Nigeria network in minutes without any hassle

We noticed that people found it difficult to keep in touch with their family and friends whenever they run out of airtime or data as everything now revolves around the internet, making live video calls, chatting with loved ones on internet messages app and so much more.

How To Borrow Data From Glo
How To Borrow Data From Glo Nigeria

That’s why we have created this article to show you the best way on how to borrow data from Glo, MTN And Airtel in Nigeria.

These article contains code use to borrow data on Glo, SMS code to borrow data from Glo and much more.

Glo Borrow Data

How To Borrow Data From Glo
How To Borrow Data From Glo Nigeria

This is a service that allows eligible customers to request for data credit when their data bundles are exhausted, out of airtime or in case of unsuccessful subscription bundle activation due to low balance.

Eligibility To Borrow Data From Glo

You need to have been a loyal and consistent subscriber on Glo for at least 3 months and have a good usage history.

How To Borrow Data From Glo Nigeria

This feature is readily available to all registered and active Glo subscribers. Glo Borrow Me Data comes in variation according to prices.

Check out below the Glo Borrow Me Data catalogue + Interest rates to choose which that plan suits you most.

• You can borrow 40mb data on Glo for N50 valid for 1 day

• You can borrow 150mb data on Glo for N100 valid for 1 day

• Borrow 300 megabytes on Glo for N200 valid for 2 days

• Borrow 1.2gb for N500 on Glo valid for 14 days

• You can also borrow 2.6gb data on Glo valid for 30 days

• Borrow 5gb data from Glo Valid for 30 day’s.

Note: You can also borrow data by dialing *321# Night plan bonus can be used between 12am and 5am.

You can borrow online or by dialing ussd code for Glo loan *321#. A prompt will be sent to you to confirm it.

Glo Data Loan Credit

You can borrow data online on the Glo website or by dialing *321#, this will provide you with the amounts you are eligible to borrow. Try either pf these 2 options and follow the menu options.

The service will provide data credit on loan for browsing and downloading.

Why You Are Not Eligible To Borrow Data From Glo

1. You may have just joined the network recently thus not meeting the minimum age in network of 4 months. Please check the terms and conditions for more information.

2. You may have an unpaid Loan. You must settle this first before applying again.

Glo Loan Interest Rates

The amount charged is a 15% transaction fee for Glo borrow me data service.

Why Borrow Data From Glo

There are so many reasons why I recommend you to borrow data from Glo:

1. Save you from unexpected data run out

2. Helps you stay in connected with your loved ones through the internet

3. Gives you access to share files and chat with your loved ones.

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