How To Borrow Data From Airtel + Interest Rates

Are you running low on your Airtel data bundle? Learn how to borrow data from Airtel Nigeria quick and easy.

Airtel Credit Loan Services

Airtel Nigeria is one of the most popular mobile network provider in Nigeria that gives you access to borrow airtime and data if you are an active user or subscriber for at least 3 months or 90 days.

Airtel Credit Loan Service is a credit loan service that enables eligible customers to borrow data on credit and pay back upon next recharge.

How Borrowing Data From Airtel Works?

Once you are an active subscriber or user on the Airtel Network, you can borrow data and airtime of any amount and repay with a competitive Interest rates.

So, whatever your data needs are, Airtel Nigeria have a data loan plan you can borrow from which is fast, affordable and reliable internet experience will keep you connected anytime, anywhere.

How To Become Eligible To Borrow Data On Airtel?

Yes anyone can borrow airtime and data easily but here are some certain requirements needed from you to be eligible to borrow data on Airtel.

1. Be an active user or subscriber on your Airtel Sim card

2. Recharge at least up to N1,000 every month

3. Make sure you do not have any outstanding data loan balance with Airtel

4. If you have borrowed data from Airtel before always repay on time to increase your data loan limit.

How To Borrow Data From Airtel Nigeria

How To Borrow Data From Airtel
How To Borrow Data/ Mb From Airtel

You can borrow data from Airtel extra credit by dialing the Airtel loan code *500#

1. Check your Airtel data loan eligibility by dialing *500*1# to see if you qualify to borrow data on Airtel.

2. You can also borrow credit from the Airtel loan code by dialing *500*2# to borrow airtime from N100 airtime loan to N1000 airtime loan depending on your eligibility.

3. You can also borrow the Airtel data bundle loan directly by dialing *500*3# then choose the data loan amount you needed and proceed via the screen options.

4. Repay the loan amount you borrowed from Airtel when you dial *500*4# then choose the amount to be repaid.

How To Calculate The Interest Rate Data Borrowed From Airtel.

Just like other network that borrows data and airtime in Nigeria so is their interest rate different depending on the data amount you borrowed from.

Eg: You can borrow Airtel data loan of 10mb which cost N50 and Repay back N57.5 valid for 1day

• Airtel data loan of 50 – 100mb will cost you N100 and you will repay back N115 valid for 1day

• Borrow airtel data of 200mb for 200N and repay back N235 valid for 3days

• Borrow Data from Airtel of 350mb and repay back N345 valid for 7days

• Borrow airtel data of 750mb for N500 and Repay back N575 valid for 14days

• Borrow 1.5gb data on airtel for 1000N and Repay back N1150 valid for 30 days.

Who Can Borrow Data From Airtel?

1. Airtel Prepaid Customers with registered SIM

2. Customer’s will be considered based on monthly recharge frequency and average spend

3. Customer who have paid up any previous loan and associated charges.

Who Can Use Data Credit Loan On Airtel?

Only eligible prepaid customers can use the Data Credit Loan Services.

How To Know If You Can Use The Airtel Credit Loan Services.

Customers can check eligibility through Airtel loan code *500#. Ineligible customers who try to use Data Credit  Loan Services will be prompted to recharge at least N100 monthly to qualify.

Airtel Credit Service Rate

Yes. There is a service charge of 15% which is deducted along with the actual amount for the data you borrowed.

Why Borrow Data From Airtel Nigeria

You can borrow data as many times as possible as long as you are within credit limit.

Loans are also recovered when customers recharge their Airtel account via any channel.

Conclusion On How To Borrow Data From Airtel

Simply dial *500# on your Airtel sim and select 3 to Borrow Data from your Airtel Sim, and you will be deducted upon your next recharge.

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