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Direct Axis personal loans is a credit facility loan company in South Africa that grants instant quick access to loans of Upto R300 000 without paperwork or collateral.

Direct Axis Loans And How It Works?

Just like any other loans and lending companies, direct axis loans grants fast, secure and straight forward loan application online with a repayment term of 24 months to 6 years.

Direct Axis Loans
Direct Axis Loans

Why You Should Apply For Direct Axis Personal Loans?

1. It has a fast, secured and straight forward way to complete your loan application online.

2. Repayments are over a term from 24 months to 6 years.

3. Your repayments are fixed at their current interest rate for the full term of your loan. They never go up – no matter how much interest rates do.

4. Their feedback is given quickly and your money could be in your account in less than 24hrs.

Requirements Needed To Apply For A Loan.

1. A clear copy of your South Africa ID

2. A recent documents confirming your resident address

3. Upto 3 months recent bank generated PDF statement or payslip as a proof of income.

4. A good credit record

5. A regular monthly income of at least R5 000

6. Details of your bank account into which salary is been paid into

7. You must live and work in South Africa.

They have made applying for direct axis personal loans online easy with these documents which you can upload any documents via their online application.

How To Apply For Direct Axis Loans?

Direct Axis Loan application can be done through their online webpage, simply:

1. You can apply through their online form application.

2. You can call the direct axis call center 0861_02_03_04 from Monday – Sunday 8am – 8pm.

3. You can also sms your name, surname and ID number to 43885.

Who Can Apply For Direct Axis Personal Loans?

If you are asking for who can apply for the direct axis loan then allow me to tell you that anyone can apply for the direct axis loans as long as you are above the age of 21 year’s.

Once you applied and got approved, your Direct Axis Personal Loans is paid into your bank account and the money can be used for any needs you may have whether you are looking to do home renovation, upgrade your electronics, or take a break overseas, Direct Axis Loans offers a flexible solutions.

Another Reason To Choose Direct Axis Loans.

When you take out a loan with Direct Axis you will deal with an authorised Financial Services Provider, with many years of financial services experience in South Africa. They support responsible lending, so if your application is approved, you will only be approved for an amount that you can afford comfortably. They will also do their utmost to give you the best offer that they possibly can.

Because DirectAxis Personal Loans are unsecured this means that they won’t ask you to use your car, home or any other asset as collateral. To apply for a loan is quick and you can also use your loan for anything you want.

For your security and peace of mind, all their loans are subject to the National Credit Act of 2005. Keep in mind, they consider all loan applications and every application is subject to credit approval.

Direct Axis administers loans for FirstRand Bank Limited, an authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider, and has been providing loans to South Africans for over 20 years.

Direct Axis Pulse

Direct Axis Pulse is a free and secure financial wellness tool that allows you to check your credit score rating and learn how to improve it.

How Direct Axis Pulse Helps?

Your credit rating has always been important, but until DirectAxis Pulse came along, accessing it has been slow, difficult to understand and often costly to access.

With DirectAxis Pulse, you are able to view both a summary and a detailed breakdown of your credit rating via a 100% free interface by registering on the DirectAxis website.

By visiting DirectAxis Pulse regularly, you will stay in control of your credit record – ensuring you make decisions that will positively impact your financial future.

To check your credit score checking, Simply register for DirectAxis Pulse using the Link here to receive your free credit report.

Direct Axis Consolidation Loan

The Direct Axis Consolidation Loan is designed to simplify your finances, so instead of several lending and credit accounts to manage you will have just one.

Requirements Needed To Apply For Consolidation Loan?

√ A good credit record

√ A regular monthly income of at least R5 000

√ Details of your bank account into which your salary is been paid into

√ Your last 3 months payslips or bank statement of your account

√ A clear copy of your ID documents

√ A recent documents confirming your residence address.

Visit their webpage to apply for direct axis consolidation loan.

Direct Axis Contacts

At Direct Axis they are committed to using their specialist skills and expertise to give their customers the power to achieve their personal and family goals; whether they are planning a home renovation to improve their lifestyle, financing a child’s education or anything else.

Once you face any issues applying for the direct axis loans, feel free to make use of the direct axis contact via:

1. Telephone: 021 764 3404

2. Email Contact:

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