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Need a short term online loans in Australia? Then you should apply one with cigno loan and get Instant cash of up to $1000 in minutes.

Cigno Loans Review

Cigno is a team of financial experts who specialise in facilitating and managing short-term cash advances up to $1,000 – perfect for covering unexpected bills or providing a financial boost between paydays.

Their goal is to provide a quick, easy and high-quality service of loan management, giving everyone in Australia access to cash loans and other short-term financial solutions.

How Cigno Loans Work?

Cigno is an emergency cash specialist. Their role is to act as your agent in relation to applying for and managing loans. Their services include:

• assisting you to source credit from a lender using Cigno’s quick and easy application process;

• collecting and collating your details and verification documents required to submit a credit application with a lender on your behalf;

• conducting an assessment of your credit application prior to submitting to a lender;

• presenting the finalised credit application to a lender in a particular format to ensure the fastest response possible;

• communicating with a lender concerning your credit application;

• agreeing with the lender to make payments on your behalf as and when due under the Loan Agreement; and
provide ongoing management services to you , including:

• ongoing access to the Cigno customer service team;

• ongoing access to all Cigno online resources and the member portal;

• corresponding on your behalf with the lender regarding your loan agreement;

• collecting and processing payments owed by you to the lender;

• providing regular payment reminders via email and SMS;

• providing regular account statements and upon request;

• assisting you to change or modify your payment schedule; and
facilitating all other services and reconciliations related to your Cigno account and the loan agreement.

Through cigno loan, you can receive up to $1000 in your account today with manageable repayment options.

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Cigno Loans Eligibility?

Simply fill out their quick application and submit a bank statement that includes the last 90 days.

Cigno will collect your information and act as your agent to obtain pre-approval for a loan.

Cigno and the lender will require proof of identification such as a Drivers’s Licence or Proof of Age card and may require other information to finalise the application. They will advise you if this is the case.

Note: Bank Accounts must be in your name and cannot be for Online Savings accounts or online-only accounts.

How To Apply For Cigno Loans?

At Cigno you can apply either online via cigno quick application or if you would rather talk to someone you can give them a call on (07) 5644 3500.

How To Repay Your Cigno Loans?

Cigno Loans preferred method of payment is via Direct Debit. This way they eliminate the hassle of manual payments and they are able to remind their customers when payment is due.

Depending on circumstance cigno are able to accept other forms of payment via direct deposit or electronic transfer.

How Much Can I Apply From Cigno Loans?

If you choose to use Cigno’s services, they act as your agent in applying for loans up to $1000.

Lenders will typically assess the maximum loan amount based on your income and ability to afford the repayments which is determined using your bank statement.

Cigno accept all applications and they do their best to obtain a solution that suits your needs.

Note: Cigno acts as an agent to help you obtain a loan from Lenders.

Cigno Loans Office Work?

Cigno runs 24/7 online operations! Apply anytime, even on weekends and get a response.

If you wish to call their office, their phone lines are open from Monday to Sunday between 9.00am and 5.00pm. All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Please note that Public Holidays may affect their phone lines opening times.

Cigno Loans Contacts?

You can contact cigno via any of these contact button:

• Phone – (07) 5644 3500
• Fax – 1300 66 14 15
• Email –

Is Cigno Loans Legit?

Cigno Loans do not keep your internet banking credentials. Your credentials are encrypted when you enter them, passed to your bank to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted.

If you need to resubmit your bank statement using Credit Sense again, you will need to re-enter your internet banking credentials.

About Credit Sense: 

Credit Sense is a third-party provider that supply cigno loan with your bank statement via your internet banking.

Why Choose Cigno Loans?

Cigno Loan
Cigno Loan And How To Apply

1. High Approval Rate:

At Cigno, they believe in a fair go. Financial challenges can strike everyone from time to time. No matter what your circumstances are, they are here to help.

2. All Application Considered

Their network of payday lenders considers all applications. Whether you are working, unemployed or retired, cigno loan will treat you with respect and trust – and they will only ask you for the specific information they need to assess your application.

3. Instant Cash

Sometimes waiting days (or even weeks) for a loan just isn’t good enough. With Cigno, you can get cash within hours*.

Their 24/7 online platform lets you apply anywhere, anytime – even on weekends. It’s the easiest way to get fast cash loans in Australia.

4. Short Application Process

Their quick and easy application process makes it easy to sort your finances and get back on with your life.

Best Cigno Loan Options To Apply

• Payday Loan

Need a little extra cash to get you through to your next payslip? One of their partnered direct payday lenders can help.

• Bad Credit Loan

They believe everyone should have access to cash loans in Australia. Cigno consider all applications, regardless of credit history.

• Centrelink Loan

Get a little support between Centrelink payments with a small cash loan. All their costs are upfront and completely transparent.

• Emergency Loan

Need cash to cover unforeseen expenses? Apply for a fast cash loan.

Apply for a fast cash loan today and you could receive same-day transfers before 5.00 pm AEST.

• No Credit Check Loan

Don’t have the credit history to support your loan application? Apply for a personal loan with no credit check today. with Cigno Loans.

• Cash Advance

Got bills due before your next payday? Take care of them with a cash advance from Cigno today and keep your finances on track.

• Loans For Unemployed

Support yourself financially between jobs with a small cash loan. At Cigno, we work with lenders who will look at your full financial story – not just whether you’ve got a 9-5 job right now.

• Short Term Loan

Looking for some quick cash to pay off urgent expenses? Get the money you need and pay it off quickly with a short-term cash loan from Cigno.

• Unsecured Loan

Don’t have a suitable asset (e.g. house or car) to secure your loan? Cigno can help you find an appropriate unsecured loan.

• Small Loan

From $100 to $1,000, Cigno can help you get the funds you need. Apply for a small loan with cigno today.

• Loans For Pensioner’s

Have you got unexpected medical costs or are your latest bills higher than you anticipated? A pensioner loan could be the answer to your financial situation.

• Loans For Low Income

Are you a student or a part-time worker? Currently on Centrelink or receiving a pension? Whatever circumstances, Cigno can help you stay on your financial feet with a cash loan.

• Tax Loan

Want to use your upcoming tax return a little early? Tax refund advances give you a little more flexibility when you’re relying on your return to cover urgent expenses.

Cigno Loans Login

You can access your member cpanel login page from their Login portal page and sign in to your loan account.


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