Canada Student Visa Requirements

Canada Student Visa Requirements – It won’t be a surprise if you are choosing Canada as your study destination; you are making the right choice because Canada is one of the best countries you can study in presently. It is home for some of the best universities in the world.

You don’t only get quality education but studying in Canada gives you an opportunity to work while you study and so you could earn money to take care of yourself while you are studying and also pay up some bills.

As an international student studying in Canada, you could end up living and working in Canada after graduation as there are programs to help you get permanent residency in Canada. So you see that studying in Canada is more of a blessing to you as you can start your career easily in a country that is blessed with milk and honey.

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about studying in Canada and having a student visa to help you move to Canada to study.

How To Study In Canada ?

Canada Student Visa
Canada Student Visa

For you to study in Canada as an international student, you will definitely need a study permit as this will allow you study in a Designated Learning Institution you enrolled in.

Let’s put you through some of the requirements you will have to meet when applying for the permit:

You will need to be enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and the institution need to be on the list of DLIs that is approved to allow international students

You must have no criminal record and would need to get a police certificate if requested

You must be in sound health and may also be required to get a medical report from a medical exam taken

You must prove that you have sufficient funds to sustain you while studying in Canada like tuition and some living expenses and also transportation to return to your home country

You must prove that you will leave Canada once you complete your study program and your study visa expires.

Some of the documents that are required when applying for the study permit are:

Proof of acceptance
Proof of financial support
Proof of identify

Some additional documents that may be needed are:

• A letter of explanation to show why you want to study in Canada

• Certificat d’ acceptation du Quebec which is needed if you want to study in Québec for longer than six months.

The completion date of your study program is the day your school sends you a degree, diploma or transcript and your study permit expires when you complete your study program although an extra 90 days will be given.

You should know that the Canadian study visa and study permit are different as the Canadian study visa is an authorization to allow you enter Canada to study while the Canadian study permit allows you to stay in Canada to study. So you shouldn’t confuse one for the other.

The Canadian study visa has a processing time of about three months although citizens of certain countries might get a student visa to study in Canada easier and faster and this is through the Student Direct Stream.

What Is Student Direct Stream ?

This stream is a way to get a study visa and permit easily and faster as it has a processing time as short a 20 days but it is limited to certain countries which we will be listing below.

The countries that are eligible for the Student Direct Stream are:

Antigua and Barbuda
Costa Rica
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago

Why Your Visa Will Get Rejected ?

The thing is that you should have a detailed plan and reason why you want to study in Canada as this will convince officer that you are really serious about coming to Canada to study.

The study program you choose also needs to make sense to the immigration officer and also explain to the officer how the educational qualification and skill you are coming to get in Canada will help Canada and also your home country when you return.

All these will sum up tangible reasons you picked Canada as your study destination and if you don’t do any of these, you might not get a study visa to enter Canada.

Some other reasons could be lack of authentic documents and also lack of proof of funds or finance to sustain your stay in Canada.

You also need to show the immigration officer that you will leave Canada once you complete your study program and this would be by creating ties with your home or resident country.

Course To Study In Canada As International Student

Studying any of the courses we will be listing in this section of the article will increases your chances of getting a job after you graduate either in Canada or your home country and this is because jobs under these careers are in demand in Canada and so there are a lot of job opportunities for you in these professions.

Some of these top courses to study as an international student are:

• Computer Science and IT

• Medicine and other health courses
Business and Finance.

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