Access Bank Loan – How To Apply For Access Bank Payday Loan 2021

Need a quick payday loan ? Get one with Access bank loan which offers upto 15M cash loan without collateral.

As one of the largest bank’s in Nigeria and Africa that provides money lending services, Access bank loan still stands as one of the best bank loans to borrow money from in Nigeria and Africa offering upto N10 million instantly without any paperwork or collateral.

Access Bank Loan

According to Wikipedia Access bank is one of the five largest bank’s in Nigeria in terms of assets, loans, deposit and branch network.

Access bank loan
Access bank loan Code

The merge of access bank and diamond bank on April has made it gained one of the largest bank’s in Africa with a valuation of $242 million dollars.

How Access Bank Loan Works?

With a wide range of loans offered by Access bank loan to individuals, they can apply and borrow money from access bank through their online website, access mobile loan app or through Access bank loan code *901*11*1#

Access Bank Loans To Apply For In 2021.

1. Access Bank Personal Loan

Employees are the backbone of every organizations, with the Access personal loan, your employees stand a chance to empower their financial independent with the salary administration product.

Loan Features:

• Flexibility to meet individuals needs

• Loan amount of Upto 75% of net annual salary for applicant’s without terminal benefits.

• upto 36 months tenure

• Credit life insurance.

Requirements Needed:

√ Complete application form

√ Complete employee status inquiry /employer’s confirmation from.

√ Letter of confirmation: letter of promotion

√ Copy of employment ID and valid means of identification


√ Credit check’s.

2. Access Bank Salary Advance Loan

The access salary loan is for salary earners to access upto 200% of their net monthly salary and repay for 6 months with salary advance.

Loan Features:

√ 24/7 service which doesn’t require visit to the bank and application is done convinently via quickbucks app or via Ussd Code *901*11*1#

√ No collateral needed

√ No documentation needed

√ Six months loan tenor

3. Access Bank Payday Loan

Emergency loans like access payday loan provides you With Instant cash loan which you can apply and get access to by dialing Access payday loan code *901*11*1# or via internet banking, WhatsApp banking, access bank loan app or quickbucks app.

Simple Definition Of Payday Loan:

Payday Loan is an instant loan product for customers both salary and non salary earners. With payday loan, you can borrow money at low interest rate with no documentation or collateral needed.

Access Payday Loan Features:

√  24/7 service which doesn’t require visit to the bank and application is done convinently via quickbucks app, internet banking or mobile app.

√ No collateral required

√ No documentation required

√ Upro 31 days loan tenor.

4. W Power Loan

The access w power loan Is designed to close the financing gap for female owned businesses by providing access to loans and credit facilities.

5. Advance For School Fees Loan

Education is important investment that you can invest in your child tomorrow that’s why Access bank provides you with the school fees loan which is designed to provide parents/guardian with a short term financing to cover tution for your children/ward.

Loan Features:

√ Spread Repayment over the period of 4 to 6 months

√ Interest rates at 18%

√ Easy application process

√ Swift loan disbursement

√ Easy maintenance of fees to school.

Required Documents Needed For Applying:

√ Daily completed application form

√ Daily accepted offer

√ School Fees bills/invoice in the name of the student. The bill should contain the total amount of the fee.

√ Valid ID and recent utility bill with the last 3 months.

For non salaried customers can also use these loan requirements needed to also apply for the school fees loan.

How To Apply:

1. Download the attached loan form and fill in your correct information

2. Send completed form and all required documents

3. Allow their team to process your loan

4. Loan is approved and is disbursed into your account and immediately transferred to the school account.

6. Access Vehicle Loan

This helps new customers to acquire new vehicle in a financial convenient manner.

Requirements Needed:

• Completed vehicle lease application

• Pro forma invoice from any of the bank approved vendor

• Credit check

• Bank transfer of ownership form.

• Letter of introduction

• Recent 6 months payment slip or bank statement of your account.

7. Access Health Service Support Loan

Access bank offers a maternal health service support loan under the W initiative that cover medical procedures for local and international women.


√ No loan fees

√ Highly subsidized interest rates

√ Flexible repayment plan

√ Access to over 30 well reonwned clinic and birth travel services companies in Nigeria.

Requirements Needed:

√ Completed MHSS loan application form

√ Domiciliation of salaried/business process

√ Employee/executive status

√ Copy of employment ID and valid means of identification

√ Medical Bills


√ Credit check…

8. Access Creative Sector Loan

The access creative sector loan is a central bank of Nigeria initiative aimed at capacity building and employment creation for individuals and businesses currently into any of the following: Fashion, information technology, movie production and distribution, music, software engineering etc..


√ Low cost

√ Flexible structure and repayment plan

√ Opportunity to achieve your long term business goals

√ Excellent financial advisory services.

Interested kindly fill in your form and submit for review.

9. Lending Against Turn Over Loan

When urgent matter arise and you are low on cash, you can get access to LATO Instant cash loan by dialing *901*11#.

Lending Against turn over is an instant loan product for non salary account holders who have an existing relationship with the bank for over six months.


√ 24/7 service which doesn’t require visit to the bank and application can be done through Ussd Code when you dial*901*11#

√ No documentation required

√ No collateral required

√ 30 days loan tenor.

10. Access Device Finance Loan

Do you want to upgrade your mobile device? Then kindly finance your purchase with a contract that includes a monthly airtime bundle.


√ No collateral required

√ Free airtime bundle with MTN

√ Upto 12 months loan tenor

Access Bank Loan Code

You can apply and get Instant access to payday loan when you dial the access bank loan code *901*11*1# to get started.

Conclusion On Access Bank Loan

Although bank loans like Zenith Bank Loan and Ecobank Loan share the same features and can also be applied through their Bank Loan Ussd Code, Access bank Loans is still one of the best bank loan options that offers payday loan with a good interest rates without paperwork or collateral

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