Absa Loans – Upto R50,000 Instant Loan

Do you need some money for unexpected expenses? Absa Loans is the right money lending platforms that grants upto R50,000 Absa Instant loan without collateral or paperwork.

Absa Loan Review

Absa loan is a credit facility in South Africa that offers instant quick cash loans for home improvements, getting a new car, education or just some extra cash when you need it.

There are other loans that lends upto R50,000 loans in South Africa just like Absa loan, some gives loan in less than 24hrs Eg: Bayport Loans, Finchoice Loan, Nedbank Loan, Atlas Finance Loan, Sanlam Loans etc…

Absa Loans grants you access to their various loan offers which include: Absa personal loan, Absa home loan, Absa school fees loan, and other Absa online loans etc. This loans can be granted when you register and apply through their online loan website without any hassle.

Requirements Needed To Apply For Absa Loans

• A valid ID card

• A good credit record

• You must be above the age of 18 years old

• Proof of residence ( not older than 3 months )

• Have a bank account into which income is paid into

• Earn at least R2,000 a month

• Last 3 months payslips or bank statement of your account.

Absa Loans To Apply From In Minutes

1. Absa Personal Loans

Absa Personal loans is a credit facility designed for all purpose of borrowing money for both planned and unplanned expenses.

The loan amount offered starts from R5,000 – R350,000  with a repayment plan of upto 84 months.

You can apply for the absa personal loans online, through a branch or by calling their call center.

2. Absa Instant Loan

Have you ever been in need of quick cash or emergency loans? Absa loan offers the best quick cash anytime with atm Instant loan.

To access these loan offer then start banking with Absa bank and borrow anything from R250 – R8,000 with a repayment period of 35 days immediately with Absa Instant loan.

It’s a quick cash anytime, no paperwork or sitting for hours on phone and application can be done through any of their Absa ATM or cellphone banking or Absa online.

3. Absa Express Loan

When you need money and want to pay it back quickly, their express loan is the perfect solution for you. It is an unsecured short term loan with a fixed repayment term of upto 6 months.

Application for existing customers can be done through online or visit any of the Absa branch near you.

4. Absa Overdraft Loan

Here’s another loan offer that bails you out when you need some emergency cash or just decided to make that dream a reality, Absa overdraft facility with your cheque account could be the answer for you.

Apply now and access loan amount from R250 – R250,000 quickly.

5. Absa Home Loans

Do you need a new home, or maybe to renovate your home to your own standard? Then Absa home loan is the best offer for you to apply and take care of your home improvements.

You can own a place of your own with Absa Myhome Loan, Young Professional Home Loan, Private Banking Home Loan which is available to anyone if you earn a single or joint monthly household income of R25 – 400.

Requirements Needed Are:

√ Copy of the offer to purchase (OTP) with the following details: seller details, purchaser details, correct property description, full otp will be gotten from the attorney to validate the details, purchase price, contact details of the seller.

√ Copy of proof of residence

√ Copy of your green barcoded ID card both sides

√ Copy of your 4 year’s degree at NQF level 8 or higher

√ Signed by the seller and the purchaser and relevant witnesses

√ Three months bank statements showing the latest salary deposit etc….

6. Absa Car Loan

You can now buy your dream car and live large to the fullest With Absa car loan which helps you to experience the joy of owning a car while you pay it off with their flexible instalment sale agreement.

You can check out from the list of Absa new car deals to select and apply from your choice of car.

Requirements Needed To Apply:

√ Work permit

√ Passport

√ Letter of appointment or payslip

√ International driver’s license

√ Last 3 months of statement of your account for non Absa clients.

Application can be done through their online website or you can still visit any of their nearest branch.

7. Absa Study Loan

Not sure on how to pay for your school fees? Don’t worry, with Absa study loan which Offers you to borrow money at low interest rate to support yourself or someone you would like to benefit from study funding.

How To Become Eligible?

√ To qualify for Absa study loan, you must be a South African citizen or person living in South Africa permanently and earn more than R3,000 a month.

√ Must be taken only for students studying full time or part time in any institution.

Requirements Needed To Apply?

√ Proof of study in the form of final letter of acceptance or proof of registration

√ Proof of course cost for the year of study

√ A valid South Africa ID card

√ Proof of residence address such as a municipal or rates bill etc….

Application form can be submitted online or through the Absa student bureau or call 0860 100 372.

Absa Loan Contacts

Absa Loans
Absa Loans

Do you have any questions or complain that you want to tell kindly visit their head office at Absa tower west, 15 Troye street, Johannesburg gauteng, South Africa 2000.

Absa Loan Calculator

Absa loan calculator is an online tool designed to provide you with the results based on your inputs and assumptions on any given loan.

From The preview of Absa home loan calculator which shows you how the Absa loan calculator works, a bar where you input the price of the home, the deposit needed, the interest rate given to you through the Absa Home Loan calculator.

Through the Absa home loan calculator, you can also check what Gross monthly income can unlock for your dream home and how much you could Save by switching to Absa.

Why Absa Loan?

Absa loan offers you the best loan product with a competitive Interest rates which can be applied from home.

They are also an authorized Financial Service provider and a registered credit provider (NCRCP7).

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