2021 MTN Quick Loan Code And How To Apply

You can become debt free instantly because I am going to show you on how to apply and borrow money with the MTN Quick loan code *606# using your MTN line.

About The MTN Xtracash Loan

The MTN Xtracash Loan offers you a convenient and instateneous way to get a quick cash loan for MTN existing diamond yellow subscriber’s.

MTN Quick Loan
MTN Quick Loan Code

Once you borrow money from MTN Quick Loan which can be used to pay Bill’s, purchase goods, p2p transfer, purchase airtime, and cash out from your Mobile Loan.

Requirements Needed To Apply And Qualify For MTN Quick Loan

√ You must be above 18 years of age

√ you must be an existing diamond yellow account user. To become one you can dial from your phone *710# to open an account

√ You must be a regular user of your wallet and airtime account

√ Have no negative Repayment history with the MTN Xtracash Loan

√ You must have no outstanding loans with the MTN Xtracash Loan

√ Customers who have an existing loan should not be able to borrow again

√ Customers must be advised that the repayment of their loan will be automatically recovered from their diamond yellow account on the maturity date.

√Any unpaid loan after the maturity date shall be extended to the next month.

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MTN Loan Interest Rate

The MTN Quick Loan interest rate fee is been charged 15% on the 30 days loan that is offered to you.

How Much Can I Borrow With MTN Quick Loan Code

The loan amount that you can borrow varies and depends on the usage of your diamond yellow account usage and airtime usage. The loan amount that you qualified for will be disclosed during the loan application process, then the loan amount available to you will continue to increase as you pay back each loan on time.

How To Apply For MTN Xtracash Loan

You can easily apply for a loan with the MTN Quick Loan code simply dial *606# from your handset and select the Xtracash option.

Also access some of the MTN Xtracash Loan services by dialing *606*4# to get started.

How To Repay Your MTN Loan

Repayment of every MTN Xtracash Loan is done automatically from the diamond yellow account on the agreed due date.

The loan can also be repaid fully by selecting repayment option from the Xtracash menu.

How To Check Your MTN Loan Balance

All can be done through your mobile phone when you dial *606# and select the Xtracash balance option, you will receive an SMS alert reminder regarding the outstanding loan amount prior to settlement.

MTN Loan Code

Firstly start by creating a diamond yellow account if you don’t have one through Ussd Code when you dial *710# then proceed to the next stage of getting the MTN Quick Loan through Ussd Code when you dial *606#  and *606*4# to access other MTN Xtracash Loan options.

How To Borrow Airtime From MTN Easily

√ Dial *606# and select xtratime

√ Select your preferred amount from the list of airtime loans available to you

√ After selecting the preferred amount, the system will then send you a message with the amount that you are about to borrow and the applicable service fee for you to confirm your transactions

√ Once you confirm your transactions the system will deduct the service fee, then credit your xtratime account with the remaining balance and send you a successful notification.

Conclusion About The MTN Quick Loan

You can get access to funds, borrow money from MTN, borrow airtime and data from MTN using the xtrabyte and xtratime and the Xtracash Loan options available when you dial *606# to get started.

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